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Able Planet True Fidelity Sound Isolation 350 Headphones, Be True to Your Music and Hear it the Way it Should be Heard!

After attending another fun and always eye catching CES this past Janurary, we decided to catch up with our friends at Able Planet and see what they had new in the world of headsets that continue to win award after award at CES each year.

Our first product we decided to review was the new True Fidelity Sound Isolation 350 Headphones. With the temperatures heating up and running outside has already begun in many cities, we needed to find the right pair of earphones that were not only comfortable, but stylish.

For those who are gym rats like several of our staff members, it takes the right pair of headphones to get into the cardio mood. If the music doesn’t crank the way it should, what’s the point of even using your Ipod to get through a workout of a hour or more. Able Planet clearly has addressed those with the same passion in their True Fidelity Earphones. Again, another of their award winning designs chosen Best of Innovations by International CES, the True Fidelity is a headphone that will deliver a big bang for a little buck.

What consumers will like about the SI350 Headphones is the price point. These are a great buy for $59.99 and we found the best thing about these headphones is they are sweat resistant. Many of the headsets that we have tried that are directly placed into the ear often lose their sound quality after several long days running or in the gym lifting.

The headphones come with 3 different sizes of soft ComfortFit eartips, allowing you to find the best in-ear fit for stability, comfort, and noise isolation so you can focus on your music instead of your environment. There are also soft and flexible ear hooks to provide additional support, ideal for those with active lifestyles. The lightweight chrome housings offer terrific portability and durability for daily use.

The second best feature of  SI350S is the combination of using these with Ipod and Iphone compatible models. The ability to control calls and play and pause music all from the control of the headset is the best feature one could ask for at this price point.  We tried to pull on the wiring and loosen around the headsets to simulate some people tossing them into a gym bag or on the seat of the car and we are happy to say that the SI350 is true to the quality test and will last you until the technology changes again.

The key specs of the SI350 are as follows

  • Lightweight Chrome Housings
  • Neodymium Drivers
  • Patented LINX AUDIO
  • Triple-Element Architecture
  • Flexible Ear Hooks
  • ComfortFit Eartips
  • Inline Mic and Remote
  • Standard 3.5mm Plug
  • Carrying Pouch Included

For more information on the SI350 from Able Planet, visit their website at

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