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B Kamins Chemist, When Your Skin Demands the Best, Their Products Deliver Stunning Results

See The New You With the B Kamins Skin Care Products
Once again, our staff at Pointed Magazine is dedicated to bringing its readers the hottest products for 2007.The staff at Pointed Magazine have reviewed all types of products in the past but here is one that is sure to leave your skin refreshed and renewed.

Many years ago skin care products for men were unheard of or so hard to find, today with companies such as B Kamins and their new B Kamins Male product line. With these high end skin care products maintaining perfect skin has become as simple as brushing your teeth twice daily.

When we were first introduced to the B Kamins line of skin care products for men, we were intrigued by the different ingredients used to make up these products. Our first product that we tried was the Anti-Aging Daily moisturizer with SPF 15. If you would like 30 to be the new 20, then this is your product.

The lotion is oil free and diffuses a blend of moisturizers, anti oxidants and vitamins into the inner layers of the epidermis. The lotion is invisible after rubbing into the skin and the nice manly maple smell is much better than some face and skin creams that leave you wondering what you just applied or with a headache from the smell.

This is a great lotion if you plan on having short to long term exposure to the sun. The lightweight formula provides a protective shield that moisturizes and enhances the skin. So if you plan on looking fresh and revived every day when you arrive at the office this is the lotion for you.

After 30 days of using the lotion three of our male reviewers could notice some of the fine lines and wrinkles in forehead area start to disappear and some of the sunspots on our eldest reviewer even began to become less noticeable.

We used it in the morning on the face and neck as directed and within two weeks there were noticeable differences in our skin tones and the overall softness of the skin.

The 1.7 ounce bottle is a great buy for $46 as it has multiple uses and protects from those harmful UVA and UVB rays. The key ingredients in the Daily Moisturizer are Octinoxate, a UVB sunscreen, Hydrolyzed Elastin which helps to firm skin and lock in moisture, Hydrolyzed Collagen which helps to increase skin plumpness and most importantly the Bio-Maple Compound, which is a physiological humectant(moisturizer); which contains naturally occurring polysaccharides( moisturizers) Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) and polyphenols (anti-oxidant), amino proteins( moisturizers) helping to hydrate and brighten skin.

The best product in the men’s category is the Soothing Aftershave Balm. This non-irritating aftershave balm soothes razor burn, skin redness and discomfort, thanks to natural moisturizers and gentle plant extracts. Its quick-penetrating formula also conditions skin and dries quickly. Leaves skin smooth, velvety and conditioned. It eliminates razor burn as well and adds an extra day before you will have to shave again. It comes in a 4.93 ounce bottle for $32.

Overall, we believe that the B Kamins products excel past their competitors in the price range offered and the results deliver true to form. They have a product that will satisfy all ranges of skin. Whether you are looking for a short term skin care solution or something that is going to deliver results that your friends and family and most importantly your skin will notice, and then our staff recommends trying the B Kamins products, you will be more than impressed.

For more information in regards to the products featured in this review, please visit their website at

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