Bradley Beal, A All Star Once Again. Should he be the Face of the Wizards Going Forward???

Story By: Sol Tucker

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Washington, D.C–

Beal Deserves to Be an All Star 5 Times Over With His Night in and Night Out Performance

Lets face it, the hardest working guy on the Wizards night in and night out is Bradley Beal. Many of us have been looking at this two guard backcourt of Wall and Beal for many years dating back to the end of the Gilbert Arenas era and one thing that is for sure, there have been so many instances where Beal has taken this team on his back. It’s time to give him his due and make him the face of this team. Build a team, or let him go where he can win a championship. For now its All Star we are talking about.

After the past several weeks where the Wizards would have tanked without Beal in the line-up its a must to say that him being nominated a All Star reserve is just not enough. If the Wizards were on top.. be sure that Beal wouldn’t have to come off the bench, but he like many players stays his course and respects what he has done for this team and hopefully management does as well.

“I’m honored to represent the D.C. Family at All-Star Weekend and I’m blessed to share this honor with my teammates, coaches and the entire organization and our fans,” said Beal.  “The support they have all given me throughout the year has been inspiring and makes me determined to do everything possible to continue our playoff push after enjoying the festivities in Charlotte.”  

After the break the Wizards are going to have to make sure they make a solid push, just as they have with Beal and the current line-up off the bench if they hope to not waste another season of what-ifs!! There are plenty of scenarios that represent that over the years and many of the players are tired of hearing that scenario about how they may or may not have made it happen if certain players were there to help.

Bottom line for the remainder of the season. Believe in Beal, its now or never for this often overlooked Wizards superstar.

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