Can Bradley Beal and the Wizards Cohabitate?

Story By: Sol Tucker

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Washington, D.C–

When Will the Wizards Get Beal Some Help?

I have to admit, its been very tough to watch the Wizards this season. Just as we have done with many of the media outlets who have followed this team for years now, it began with renewed optimism, now it stands with a 3-11 record and Bradley Beal who has seen making another meme on the bench last night in 47 point effort in yet another loss. Big question is can this team function with Beal and win games or are they just wasting this talent.

So, what do the Wizards do? Send him a ticket out of town? Wait until the COVID players come back for next game? Find a new Head Coach? Or just sit back and say this will all be over in March? These are just one of many questions floating around after back to back losses.

Beal who is not only leading the team in scoring, is having another All Star caliber year, but has yet to see anything in the win column that actually means anything to Beal.

After the loss to the Pelicans, Beal was asked if he was happy with the loss.. his response, ” Is the sky Blue” The frustration is there, its just hard to figure where to go from here.

Prior to the loss to the Pelicans, they Wizards were embarrassed by John Wall and the Rockets. After the game Wall and Beal exchanged a few words.. but its clear, it would have been much better had they kept him around.

With several players coming back this weekend, Rui, Matthews and Bertans, perhaps they can make some moves to get out of this cellar. Problem is, it wasn’t working very well with all of those guys in the line-up.

Lets face it, it could be over really quick in the next 30 days if the Wizards do not get Beal some help… very quick… like tomorrow.

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