Changing the Way We Look at Things! COVID-19

Story By: Erin Zollars

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Alexandria, VA–

A Once Impossible Shot, Now a Reality in Las Vegas

Each day that passes since early March seems like an eternity at home. There is just more and more news we don’t really want to report, but feel the need to do so to see where we are as a country.

There are no more live sports, no more online betting.. grocery stores have plexi-glass at each of the registers and we wait 6 feet apart just to get items for dinner. This is COVID-19 life as we know it.

Ten days ago we made a trip to Las Vegas to claim a few items we had in storage to cut costs… yes everyone is doing this no matter what. We are paper thin, but surviving… We have been down before, but never out at Pointed Magazine.

As we took a walk down Las Vegas Blvd.. yes, walking in the middle of the strip at 12pm on a Tuesday without getting killed.. This gives new meaning of What Stays in Vegas, has left Vegas. It also gave us a new prospective on how we live life. The life of self protection. Its here to stay folks.

This past weekend we posted a video of our photographer photographing the NASCAR Irace while sipping on Tequila… yes one of our original guys and investors is all that is left of what used to be 3 to 4 people nationwide to produce content.. This is the best way we can Stay at Home and make light of once the worst things we have seen in our current life and hopefully the last.

We will try and continue to bring some fun content when possible to keep our minds sane and remind ourselves, its okay for now… We can still win this one…

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