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Chic Buds Sport Headphones, You have Just Found Your New Music Buddy!

After a return to CES in Vegas earlier this year, the Pointed Magazine staff has been looking for some of the hottest products to hitting the streets this summer. A few weeks we ago, we received a press release about a product that is sure to deliver the tunes to your ears the way they are supposed to be heard.

If you are looking for something lightweight and those noise cancelling headsets are just not your thing, then we recommend the Chic Buds sports.

With the plush coverings on the ear and the fold and carry design, the Chic buds might be good for traveling and lots of other things for that matter. The sound quality is definitely far better and more pure than with most standard ear buds, although don’t expect them to cancel any noise from the aircraft engines or screaming babies on that packed flight. Just crank your Ipod or any other MP3 capable device and they will crank some serious sound. (However, they might cancel out the usual traffic on a city bus or subway.) The packaging (and name) specifies that the headphones are meant for sporty activities, they were tight on the head when we moved around, so they could be comfortable for a serious work-out. They don’t endure a lot of sweat without becoming a little bit slippery on the ear area. Just wipe and go and they are as good as new. They would be perfect for a gift or a second pair of headsets, because the price point won’t upset you if you happen to leave them behind somewhere.

The best thing about these is the quality for the price.  We were a little shocked when the quality sound pumped out of these $29.99 headphones. They definitely hold their weight, well these don’t have much weight to them, but they hold it against their competitors. They definitely sound just as good, if not a touch better than the Beats by Dr. Dre in the same size range. They out price their quality for sure.

If you are looking for your first pair of Headphones or looking for a second pair that you can throw in your gym bag, these are your pair. They are great for both male and female… Order two pairs, keep one in the bag for the gym or office, you will be glad you did.

For more information on all of the line-up of products from chic buds, visit their website at

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