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CHIPPO, Forget the Beanbags, Golf Your Way to the Next Backyard Adventure

Story By: Erin Zollars

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Alexandria, VA–

Be the Envy of Your Next Party with CHIPPO

Spring is finally here on the East Coast, well in some parts that is. So in our minds, the calendar says golf the last time we checked, it also says things like rooftop and backyard parties and what a better way to work on that part of the fun by adding one the hottest backyard gameboards to date…. CHIPPO. Get rid of those stale foul smelling beanbags from your dated cornhole set and back that game of whoop azz like Juvenile with that 60 degree wedge.

When we first laid our eyes on the CHIPPO golf game, we knew this would be a fun product to check out. I mean who doesn’t love bringing your game to another level and maybe even throwing a few drinks into the equation or even a friendly bet as to who will take home the most in the targets.

One thing we really liked about the CHIPPO product is it really can be taken almost anywhere. Your next tailgate just turned into 9 holes of friendly chipping for the money, or drinking for it.. Option 2 sounds better to us. The heavy duty construction of the product makes it ideal to toss in the back of the pick-up or use the carrying back and the portable chipping mats and pack it the trunk of your car and fold open the legs on the board and start your game. It is actually easier to travel with and more condensed than some cornhole games.

Many golfers and hackers alike, will find that you can work on any range of your game just by moving the targets different distances. We found that the CHIPPO supplied balls work better for shorter ranges than some regular golf balls. Depending on the loft, or your seriousness, it may bounce harder and not fall in the targets. Long range, regular golf balls ended in the intended place 6 out of 10 times we chipped from 20 plus yards. We had our share of bounce ins as well.

So now that we have talked about the quality of the product and how much fun you can have, how do you actually play and keep score with this thing?

Bouncing a ball onto the board is allowed. According to their website, it is actually highly encouraged. If you can hit any of the targets by bouncing your ball off a chipping mat, you double your total points for that shot. So bouncing a shot into one of the top two holes earns you 10 points. We did find it was a bit challenging to keep score to start, but after a couple of games we got the hang of it pretty quickly. Perhaps the Patron shots helped bit, who knows the scoring was fun.

You should play in teams of two and to stand next to one of your opponents on one side of the playing field. You and your opponents take three shots each, which constitutes one hole. Play 9 or 18. No mulligans here!

While you are probably already thinking about the backyard party this year, strongly think about about adding CHIPPO and your guests won’t care that your chicken tastes like wood. A great investment for $234. Balls and chipping mats included. If you lose the balls or mats, they have replacements on their website for reorder.

For more information on how to purchase this gem, check out their website at

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