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Cocktails By Jenn, A Drinkers Delight, See How to Spice Up Your Next Party All In One Container

Start the Evening off Right With a Cocktail By Jenn
Once again, our staff at Pointed Magazine is dedicated to bringing its readers the hottest products for 2006. We have found another product that is certianly going to be the life of he party.

Talk about making a fashion statement, we found a product especially for the female consumer that is fun and stylish. Cocktails by Jenn are portable premium vodka cocktails sold in fun colorful totes designed to look like handbags with a color-coordinated grosgrain ribbon handle. This is a really cool product and great for a girl’s night out.

The colorful and innovative packaging contains four 100 ml single serve bottles containing 17% alcohol.  Four brightly colored straws are included in each signature flavor tote for easy and very fashionable sipping.  Cocktails by Jenn take the fuss out of preparing drinks. They come ready to serve, just chill, and enjoy, no mixing, measuring, or shaking necessary. Cocktails by Jenn are perfectly suited for busy lifestyles.  More than a beverage, cocktails by Jenn embody the spirit of friendship and quality time with girlfriends. Kick back and pour a cocktail by Jenn into your favorite cocktail glass.

Cocktails by Jenn make a great luxurious yet affordable gift.  The single-serve cocktails are ready to drink and consist of naturally flavored, premium, vodka in four fabulous signature flavors including Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop, Tropical Blue Lagoon, and Appletini.  The slim glass bottle is designed with enameled charms featuring a clothes hanger, shoe, martini glass, or a ring.  Each glass bottle is color coordinated and the bottles are a nice keepsake.  The color coordinator tote’s is available in a single flavor or a flavor variety pack and are reasonably priced. The handy tote is reusable.

Cocktails by Jenn, is currently sold in thirty-one states and is expanding nationwide.  This product is for consumers who are of the legal drinking age to consume alcoholic beverages.  Please drink responsibly.

Cocktails by Jenn are committed to responsible drinking.  Be smart. Stay in control.  Know your limits. Help a friend who has had too much to drink.  Cocktails by Jenn supports the Century Council, a not for profit organization dedicated to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking.

Here is a little of what Cocktails by Jenn’s drinkers can expect when they take their first sip.


The Appletini was the favorite cocktail according to a staff member.  The Appletini was smooth and compared in taste to other Appletini martini’s ordered in restaurants.

Tropical Blue Lagoon:

The taste was too strong.  When swallowing the product, noticed a distinct, after taste that linger on the tongue. Not pleasant at all. This flavor was somewhat disappointing.

Lemon Drop:

Good Flavor, very enjoyable


This was another favorite flavor.  It was delicious, with just the right amount of vodka. The quality of the vodka made the different.

Additional Ratings

Color of Liquid-              Excellent

Smell-                               Agreeable

Bottle Top-                       Easy to Open
For more information on this product visit their website at

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