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Culinary Prep, When You Want Safe and Restaurant Quality Taste For Your Meat and Poultry This New Kitchen Appliance Gives Dinner a Whole New Meaning

Go Ahead Marinate, Your Taste Buds Will Tell You Its Better
Once again, our staff at Pointed Magazine is dedicated to bringing its readers the hottest products for 2007. The staff at Pointed Magazine has reviewed all types of products in the past but here’s one that is going to have you with the best tasting food in the neighborhood.

When we first learned about the Culinary Prep machine we had just finished reading an article on the bacteria contained in packaged baby carrots and were astonished on what you really do eat without knowing.  We also were looking for something that could make that steak and pork chop taste different off the grill. When we put the Culinary Prep machine to work, seeing was believing ten times over.

For those who have never believed in machines for marinating food or proper cleaning, the Culinary Prep machine not only produced one of the tastiest 12 ounce double cut filets we have ever tasted off the grill, it did the same with two 6 ounce pieces of Atlantic Salmon too. The strength of each one of the marinades used allowed us to taste the flavor deep in each cut of meat and even the 4 ounce chicken boneless chicken breasts seemed to be a lot juicer than the pieces that we did not use in the Culinary Prep.

What our staff really liked about the Culinary Prep is the ease of out of box to ready to use. Some food processors and other prep machines have three or four different pieces that require you to change each piece to accommodate vegetables and meat. The idea of putting a full head of Iceberg Lettuce inside of something other than the Culinary Prep machine for cleaning would be very difficult due to the size of the head of lettuce.

The removable Grovac Ribs which are a trademarked process allows the machine to be easily cleaned and we put the drum into the dishwasher and cleaned it 22 times and each time no matter whether it was vegetables or meat marinated inside of the prep machine the drum was ready for another prepping. The Dual Grovac Ribs allowed our smaller 6 ounce filets to fit easily and turn properly inside of the drum with an even amount of marinate on each side of the meat and deep inside of each piece of meat as well. The high vacuum pump method is very strong and the 99.5 percent of bacteria removed is definitely tasted the most in vegetables. Our lettuce and baby carrots no longer tasted like tap water washing.

Numerous independent and university laboratories including Whitbeck Labs, Warren Analytical Labs, Louisiana State University and Kansas State University confirm that by using the CulinaryPrep and its patented process definitely removed the bacteria. The numbers are astonishing. E.coli, listeria, and salmonella all are removed using this process that takes less than 25 minutes on some of the foods.

Another feature we liked about the Culinary Prep machine and the marinades is the ability to keep food around several days longer than if it was not marinated. Most steaks and chicken are lucky to have a day or two of shelf life after opening them from store packaging, with the Culinary Prep all of our staffers experienced at least an additional three days of shelf life for steaks, and up to 4 days with marinated chicken. We also noticed that lettuce just placed in a crisper lasted almost 7 days after it was placed in the machine. It not only tasted as fresh as the first day, but we noticed the leaves were also as crisp as the first day as well.

So if you are in a hurry to impress your dinner guests, most all of marinating processes are completed in 20-30 minutes for beef, poultry and seafood. All of the greens cleaned are ready to serve in 4 to 8 minutes.

What your will find most impressive about the Culinary Prep machine is the price point for the use that you will find in this machine. $399 ready to go out of the box to avoid three of the worst food based illnesses is really priceless. Most kitchen appliances in this price range are lucky to be used once or twice a week, the Culinary Prep is something that you will want to use once or twice a day.

For more information on purchase locations or to order online, visit the Culinary Prep website at

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