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Daphne’s Headcovers, Helping Save the Koala and Keeping Your Golf Clubs Covered With the Most Realistic Looking Marsupials You Will Find Outside of a Zoo

Once again, our staff at Pointed Magazine is dedicated to bringing its readers the hottest products for 2007. The staff at Pointed Magazine has reviewed all types of products in the past but here’s one that is sure to leave you looking sharp on the course without emptying your wallet at the same time.

When we last featured the golf club covers from Daphne’s Headcovers, we were convinced that Jane Spicer could not make a more realistic headcover, that was until we had the chance to see the one she designed for PGA Tour pro Aaron Baddeley.

Not only is this furry bear a cute addition to anyone’s bag, its precise realism is unmatched. From the ears to the facial features, it certainly is as cute as a club cover can be. This is one club cover that is sure to have the children around the house thinking twice about finding where dad keeps the clubs.

Spicer not only designed the Koala for Baddeley, but she has partnered with the Save the Koala Foundation where a percentage of sales of each Koala headcover will help benefit the conservation efforts on behalf of wild Koala’sSpicer explained, “It was important for Aaron to carry a quality headcover that embodied both the Koala and Australia. He provided input every step of the way. Badds’ passion for saving the Koala goes hand in hand with our convictions about animal conservation here at Daphne’s headcovers.”

Just like Spicer does with all of her other animals, TOBO, the Koala will carry the exclusive lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. When you purchase one of the fuzzy creatures, believe us there will be nothing unsatisfactory about this purchase.

Seeing the Koala in a recent visit to the Cleveland Zoo inspired our staff to feature the club covers and also to partner with the Save the Koala Foundation and adopt our own Koala. Pointed is proud to announce that Jenna the Koala is a member of our family and we have made a monetary contribution to support saving this endangered animal. We strongly believe that purchasing one of the TOBO headcovers will not only have you with the best animal on the course, but will leave you feeling good that your Koala purchase has helped make a difference in keeping these animals alive and well in their natural Australian habitat.

TOBO is available for purchase by visiting Daphne’s website at or by calling 800 DAPHNE-2

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