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Delta Unveils New Terminal 3 and Sky Club at LAX, Fresh New Take for Both Domestic and International Travelers

Story By: Edward Kerns II

Photos By: Edward Kerns II

Los Angeles, CA–

As we stated last month when Delta hosted the ribbon cutting ceremony for LAX Terminal 3 & the new 30,000 sq ft Sky Club, today was the day that it officially opened to Delta customers.  You will no longer feel claustrophobic, worry about bumping into fellow travelers or even wait in long lines.  Delta has stepped up its game at LAX by offering what travelers have always wanted, time and space.

The new drop off location for Delta travelers out of LAX is Terminal 3.  As you walk in, one of the first things travelers will immediately notice is the immense size of the space, the shortness of lines and the ease of access into and out of Terminal 3.  The lower-level features Delta’s six carousel bag claim, middle level hosts the 250 ft long ticket counter and continuous LED Screen.  Of note, the continuous LED Screen is wider than the wingspan of the Delta A350-900.  The upper level is your access to security, Terminals 2 and 3, as well as the new Sky Club.  The restrooms are even more spacious, feature their low-flow water fixtures, and the sinks have dryers as well to allow water to run back down the drain.  Total check-in time today took less than ten minutes from curbside, ticket counter and passing through security.  Delta offers TSA Pre, Clear and regular screenings at Terminal 3.  Although at the time of this article, TSA only currently had two security lanes open, this will soon expand to fourteen fully operation security lanes this summer.

The New Sky Club is 30,000 Square Feet of a Complete Travelers Experience

Want to really take part in the full Delta experience? Then, you must check out their 30,000 sq ft Sky Club located on the concourse just as you exit security.  It has the capacity to handle 500+ guests, has eight showers with advanced tech features, such as doors open with a wave of the hand.  The club has two food bars as well as an indoor and outdoor bar.  The outdoor bar features a retractable roof and heaters for when the temperature drops.  If you have business to conduct, Delta offers booths that block out sound, making it easier for you to telecommunicate.  The main feature of the Sky Club is the art and architecture.  The ceiling features multiple continuous curves to simulate the waves of the ocean, local artists are featured and there is a guide to help you identify them all.  One unique feature is the grotto and Delta had the tile brought in from Italy and installed piece by piece to create a work of art.

If we haven’t convinced you to check out the new Delta LAX Terminal 3 after reading this article and viewing the photos, then you certainly don’t know what you’re missing out on.  Delta Air Lines is stepping up its game and listening to what its customers want. The days of the same ole airport travel is changing by the year and Delta is making sure your experience is second to none.

If you are interested in seeing more photos, check out Edward’s collection of Images by clicking on the link:

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