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Ferris Wheelers BBQ, Dallas’ New Place to Party in Your Mouth with Flavor

Story By: Erin Zollars

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Dallas, TX–

For anyone who has been anywhere in the DFW lately, you will know that it has been about the BBQ and who can do it one step better than the next? Well while we were exploring a few options recently, the idea of a Ferris Wheel, backyard carnival atmosphere and some Burnt Ends all in one place showed up on our radar and never left after this past trip.

For anyone who knows pit master Doug Pickering, you will know that he has a genuine love for BBQ probably more than most Texans, but he wants to do it right and by right we really mean it. He just didn’t build one of the coolest spots on the Southside of Uptown, he put the concrete in place for what is sure to be one of the hottest places to eat with the right tasting brisket and chill this Spring.

Pickering was brought on in November when this space was still flipping burgers as Buck’s Prime. He told they told him he’d be managing the burger place until they could change it over into the barbecue operation. “That was sort of the joke of my culinary career,” Pickering said. If you look at it now, you have BBQ and Beer, what else could go wrong, right? Pickering already had kitchen experience from his time at WORK bar in Deep Ellum, where he cooked the well-received barbecue menu in 2014.

So lets get down the Meat of this article, that’s what it’s all about here…. BBQ for 2 meats and a side for $15. Very competitive pricing for places rated just as good like Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum.  Their extra moist brisket may be one of the most flavorful in the area and the Burnt Ends, watch out…

Highly recommended are their sausage links with a side of the Mac and Cheese. Yea this is the ticket.  This is a belly filler if you get it with the Brisket.

A must try on the list is the Brisket Queso. This is one of the best we have sampled to date, because the fresh cheese with the BBQ mixed in is good enough to not want to share, however there is enough if you choose to do so.

Another part about this restaurant is that the cook their brisket to sort of keep up with the demand, starting at 6pm everyday, Pickering prepares for the next day and sometimes he may be prone to run out with the long hours they offer. But he has made the promise to his guests and friends, that there will be BBQ of some sort for the hours he offers.

Enjoy Beer and Cocktails outback with your food, you can even order right at the outside bar and never have to set foot inside if you prefer the DFW skyline and a ride on the Ferris Wheel during the weekend hours. Pickering’s only request, please be sober when doing so.

So whether you want a year round Texas State Fair experience or just a pop of some mouth watering goodness in your mouth, Ferris Wheelers is your place to welcome Spring and leave happy wanting more of the goodness.

Ferris Wheelers is located at

1950 Market Center Blvd

Dallas, TX 75207





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