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Finally The Rihanna Tour Comes to Baltimore

Baltimore, MD–

Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour made it’s way to the 1st Marina Arena in Baltimore, Maryland after a previous cancellation. Baltimore fans were no less than overly excited for the start of this fantastic show.

The show started more than an hour late than scheduled. By 10:00 pm the show still had not yet begun. The Baltimore fans had become restless and chanted Rihanna name several times.  Then magically it happened.  Everything went completely dark. The Baltimore fans pierced the darkness with heighted screams of excitement.  Then suddenly the black draped stage curtains dropped and all of a sudden Rihanna appeared alone onstage beautifully draped head to toe in a black cape while sitting near the edge of the stage in a prayer like pose with only one spotlight shining distinctly on her serene face.

The Baltimore audience was crazed by the mere appearance of Rihanna onstage presence. All of a sudden the Baltimore crowd forgot about Rihanna’s onstage tardiness as they were being held seductively under Rihanna’s command.  As Rihanna’s face was beautifully gleaming in the darkness she hushed the boisterous crowd and softly began to sing the song “Mother Mary”. Talk about a dramatic entrance!

As this song ended the black panels behind Rihanna illuminated with video images flashing on the paneled screens.  Rihanna then gracefully disappeared behind the panels. The show continued as the stage set changed into a display of bright flashing lights and tall white pillars surrounding the stage reminiscent of a Greek arena.

For her next set Rihanna appeared on stage dressed in a black and gold shorts outfit with mid thigh high black leather boots.  Two backup singers, musicians and eight dancers also accompanied her. Rihanna onstage dancers complemented her ornate style with black and gold outfits as well.  Rihanna was a sight to behold, a lovely visual work of art. Rihanna then performed “Phresh Off The Runway” from her new “Unapologetic” album.

Rihanna’s gyrated moves were extremely sensual but at the same time appealing in a way that only Rihanna can performed.  She appeared to so happy during her onstage performance.  Her huge smile beamed like a laser at the Baltimore crowd.  Rihanna was playful as she strutted across the stage and performed songs the likes of “Talk That Talk”,  “Birthday Cake” and a rendition of the song “Numb” Rihanna gave us everything she had.

The show continued with various outfit changes by the pop princess and there were many.  Rihanna was adorned at times in kaleidoscopes of colors and then adorned in simple black and white outfits as well as the dizzy display of background dancers clad in hound’s-tooth. There were moments where Rihanna disappeared from the center of the stage as she slowly descended down underneath the stage and in her next set magically appeared once again. Breathtakingly magical!

Rihanna did her thing.  She entertained her audience with so many of her hits songs as well as her amazing onstage performance. She performed the reggae favorites “Rude Boy” and “Man Down” and other hits such as “Pour It Up”, “Umbrella”, “Rockstar 101”, “Jump”, “What Now” and “What’s My Name” just to name a few.  Rihanna musically performed all genre of music from dance, pop, urban, rock, reggae, and ballads. Rihanna background dancers were phenomenal as well.

Rihanna, shared a moment onstage with her guitarist, Nuno Bettencourt At one point the two rocked out onstage with the unyielding whirling’s of Bettencourt guitar which heighted the Baltimore crowd into levels beyond the arena.

At another point in the show Rihanna thoughtfully took the time out to apologized to her Baltimore fans for the cancellation of the first show back in March and as well for her lateness on stage tonight.

Rihanna Diamonds World Tour was upbeat, amazing, and spectacular and you will be on your feet for the entire show.  I would have waiting all night just for Rihanna performance as the show was worth waiting for. Rihanna has truly earned her pop star status and there is no one who will take it away from her anytime soon. Rihanna touch her fans when she made the effort to climb to the top of the stage set so that her fans seated behind the stage were now able to see her.  She directed her attention to them and sang just to this group of Baltimore fans. There was nothing more to ask for.

The show was performed as various acts and each part showcased hit songs throughout the pop princess reign.  With various costume and set changes as well as pyrotechnics and dazzling light displays Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour was a stunning display visually and artistically.

The show is very sensual and there is a lot of crotch grabbing, and booty shaking going on throughout the show so be advised if young children are attending.

The show of course ended with the beautiful song “Diamonds”.  Rihanna definitely brought the star power as a legendary rock star and pop princess.  She reigns!

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