Forced to Cancel? Or in Best Interest of General Public and Teams?

Story By: Erin Zollars

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Washington, D.C–

Hard to Believe Feb 28th This Same Arena Was Packed for the Wizards Game, Now Will Lay Silent for the Time Being

Since the news unfolded in the NBA unfolded that one of their players, Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz has had been confirmed positive with COVID19, the downfall of the dominos has continued. Most of the major sports sanctioned bodies have either postponed their seasons and tournaments and some as of Noon today, the PGA have decided to proceed with no fans for the balance of The Players Championship starting tomorrow.

So many people on both sides have sent us emails chiming in on whether this is excessive or not? Excessive, no way possible. They are doing this in your best interest fans… believe me no one wants to not cover games or see them in person, we are right there with you. For the next few weeks, we may have limited coverage of online content due to most of the conferences and leagues cancelling events.

We will continue our coverage of The Players Championship through the weekend, but all other content will be limited to what we can provide through our credentialed outlets.

Some of the biggest news of the day is that the SEC has cancelled all sports until March 30th. This includes all sports on SEC campuses and all SEC Championship events. More to be included very soon.

NASCAR has announced that they postponed Homestead and at this point will more than likely race without fans. This could be the same for other races going forward. They would have the decision to postpone and race at a later date if deemed necessary.

On top of racing circuits cancelling or postponing individual race teams have taken action to close their facilities to any visitors deemed non essential personnel.

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