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Gilbert Arenas Errupts With 45 Points, Leads Wizards to a 111-99 Victory Over the Cavaliers

Washington, DC–

Maybe it was the Wizards new colors tonight or maybe it was just Gilbert Arenas tired of being treated like the red headed stepchild against the Cavaliers, who dating back to last season have owned the Wizards in terms of victories. Arenas decided to make a change to that tonight with his 45 point performance.

Antawn Jamison backed Arenas with 16 points, DeShawn Stevenson added a season-high 15, and Caron Butler had 11 points and 10 rebounds.

Gilbert’s monsterous outing tonight against Cleveland was only two points shy of his career high and a true delight to the 20,173 fans whoreceived white T-shirts with his last name and number zero on the back, and his nickname, “Agent Zero” on the front.

“Gil just found his way tonight. As you can see there is definately a rivalry building and is only going to get better throughout the season,” said Wizards Head Coach Eddie Jordan.

Despite the outing by Arenas, fans and players had a scary moment when forward Jarvis Hayes hit the the floor hard after a collision with Cleveland’s Shannon Brown with 2 1/2 minutes left. Play was stopped for about 10 minutes while Hayes was immobilized and taken away on a stretcher. There was no immediate word on his condition. Hayes was able to move his arms prior to being placed on the stretcher, but it might likely be tommorow before the final word is available about his condition.

While the news was all about Arenas tonight, Lebron James scored 20 points on a 8 for 20 effort from the field.

The hot shooting Damon Jones who buried the Wizards in the playoffs last season, seemed out bury himself tonight has he got a little hot headed after a bad foul call, had a few choice words and officials decided to hit him with a double technical ending his evening alot like the Cavs on a bad note.

The Wizards have a two days off and then play three key road games that will test where this team will be playoff time. Dallas who has struggled this season has given the Wizards problems over the years and Houston and Memphis are going to be two teams to beat early on and make the Wizards fans believers about advancing farther in the playoffs this season.

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