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Got Playstation 3? If you Do,Then Put NBA08 and Heavenly Sword on Your Holiday List

NBA 08 For Playstation Another Great Gift Not to Pass Up
Once again, our staff at Pointed Magazine is dedicated to bringing its readers the hottest products for 2007. The staff at Pointed Magazine has reviewed all types of products in the past, but if you enjoy playing video games as much as we do, then Sony has delivered some other winners for the holidays.

If you like to play video games or you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who does, then we have two choices that are sure to sit well when the recipient opens the wrapping paper this holiday season. Both NBA 08 and Heavenly Sword offer some holiday delight and we will tell you why these games for the Playstation 3 from Sony Entertainment are some of the hottest games to hit the retail shelves.

If you like sports, or for that matter really love sports fans and especially the NBA, then the NBA 08 from Sony Entertainment is almost as close as going to the game yourself. The new features are the best that games had offered in some years. Is it a match for the EA Sports NBA version, it’s a close call, but it seems that it still falls a bit shorter than the closest competitor.

The best portion of the NBA 08 version of this game comes from the create-a-player function. The Progression system in the game is unmatched. We have yet to see something this detailed in a video game yet. The player you create becomes puppet like and controlled entirely by how you create him. So lace up your kicks, the new John Smith is hitting the court as we speak.

Visually, NBA 08 improves over last year’s games, but not by much. Last year’s 07 already looked pretty decent, sporting some of the cleanest player textures across any NBA game, as well as running at 60 frames per second, rendering 1080p. Player faces were pretty solid overall, albeit not great; then again, to be fair, I don’t think the other NBA games fared any better in that respect.

Our biggest qualm with NBA 07 was that its animations seemed a bit jarring at times – for instance, you’d sometimes see the basketball teleport from one hand to another. Unfortunately that hasn’t been cured up for NBA 08, and the game could stand to see a new set of motion captured animation strands.

Overall the game rates a solid 8.9 out of 10, about the same, as most of the other ones just like it.

For those who do not really enjoy the sports minded games, we highly recommend the Heavenly Sword game for the PS3. This game starts catching the eye with a very hot, okay smokin’ hot red head on the cover. The game certainly matched the cover and the adventure is non-stop.

Add it all up and Heavenly Sword is a fantastic game from start to finish. It’s just a shame that it’s not longer. The developer made the wise decision to keep the action tight by not including any fetch quests or backtracking, but skilled players will probably finish the game in a little more than six hours, and it probably won’t take longer than eight hours for anyone else.

There are some DVD-style extras to unlock and you can play it again on “hell mode” once you’ve beaten it; just don’t expect to get much more than a great weekend for your $60. If you’re okay with the pricing for a gift, you won’t be disappointed in Heavenly Sword.

So while we continue to enjoy playing these games, we hope that you will enjoy the joy they will bring anyone who owns a PS3. They are some of the best for the holiday season and they certainly should make a few lists come time put them under the Christmas tree.

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