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Herman Miller Aeron Chair, Comfort and It’s Name Were Meant to Be Synonymous

Herman Miller, Seating In a Different Light

Once again, our staff at Pointed Magazine is dedicated to bringing its readers the hottest products for the Year 2010 and our staff has found another must have product, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair. You may have seen an Aeron at may Hilton Hotels or in a local office. Our staff has discovered about the best chair to hit your home.

Just as our staff has done in all of our product reviews and testing this year, we have taken yet another product to the limit to find out if this is a product well worth spending your money for.  Herman Miller definitely knows how to make furniture and have a great price for a product that is sure to last for many years to come.

Anyone who has ever spent one too many hours in the office or working from home knows  that many chairs in both the office and home can send you packing at the end of the day or night with a sore back or aching legs and arms. Herman Miller has ended the mercy of a rough day with the Aeron chair. We put the chair to the test in our office over the past several weeks and for well over 300 hours. The results will show the quality of the chair below.

Our first test in the 300 hours came with testing the quality of rocking back and forth in the chair well over 10,000 times with staff members at all different weights and heights, both male and female.

Our results of the first test found the chair springing back to full height time after time. Each time during the testing, the back of the chair returned to it’s original position. Many of Herman Millers competitors in the office/home chair market have chairs where people of larger weight sometimes leave a mark from pressing against the chair, or the back does not quite return to a full upright position anymore; not the Aeron. We found no compression marks in this chair.

After sitting in the chair until we could not sit anymore, or 18 hours worth, we decided to look at one of the best assets of their ergonomic chair. This feature is the Posture Fit padding option that was added just two years ago.

The PostureFit delivers support where it’s needed most: in the lower back area below the beltline, where the spine meets the pelvis. Dr. Brock Walker, a spinal care and ergonomic seating specialist, developed the PostureFit technology based on his work with the aerospace and motor sport industries, as well as Herman Miller and medical research findings. Bill Stumpf, co-designer of the Aeron chair, and his partner Jeff Weber, of Stumpf/Weber and Associates, designed PostureFit’s application to Aeron.

With the additions to the Aeron and the changes to the chair, sales have sparked and the chair has appealed to those who have had back pain from either their work or home chairs.

Another feature of the chair that will be a huge selling point to any of our consumers is the ease of adjustment. Every option on the Aeron is easily accessible. You can simply reach down, adjust the lumbar, adjust the seat height or compression on the seat to ensure everyone has the proper fit when sitting in the chair.

Once you have sat in a Herman Miller chair, you will want to have one for each room in the house that has a desk. This has been made possible with their color selections.  Like a lot of its office competitors with limited color choices, Miller offers different pellicle weaves along with two unique colors.

The Titanium finish offers a cooler, more casual and chameleon-like option suitable for broad application throughout an organization. The Titanium is a powder-coat finish with a subtle two-tone effect that mimics metal.

Titanium is especially appropriate for organizations looking to create a lighter, more contemporary look. It’s compatible with Herman Miller’s new spectrum of light metallic finishes, as well as with the lighter architectural scale of the Resolve system and the recent product additions to the Ethospace line.

The Polished Aluminum finish lends a classic, high-end aesthetic reminiscent of products designed for Herman Miller by Charles and Ray Eames. The Polished Aluminum presents a distinctly formal look, particularly when paired with the Graphite frame. Polished Aluminum also brings out the beauty of the Aeron’s curves.

If you are looking for a chair that sets the trend for style, but just does not look good as it sits there, it feels good when you sit in it, then the Aeron is for anyone spending serious time sitting behind a desk can do without.

Herman Miller has created numerous items for the house and home. but the  Everyone should have the chance to sit in an Aeron chair. Once you have tried one, you will want to buy one.

For more information on the Aeron chair featured in our review, contact your local Herman Miller dealer, or visit their website at

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