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Holiday Trends for Home Theatre, What to Look for and Expect for 2020

Story By: Sol Tucker

Photos By: Hal Jalikakik

Washington, D.C–

So Many New Gadgets for 2020, Is Home Theatre at its All Time Best now?

Each year as the holidays are upon us, there is always how can I make my home more defined with a super theatre, more sound or an amazing 4K addition to the room? How about revamping an entire room and make it useful in the cold months, or all year round for that matter.

So why should movie lovers might consider a professional home theater installation this year in their house? Don’t you want to watch movies your way, with minimal outside noise, while wearing whatever you choose? Keep reading to see which home theater trends inspire homeowners this year, then let us know which ones you’re most excited to see in your home!

Comfortable, Family-Centered Furniture

Most home theaters we’ve seen up to this point have favored traditional, single-person theater seating just like what you’d find at the movies. But close families found those setups a little stilted, so sofas and loveseats work better for those who want to enjoy more intimate movie experiences. Beanbags and other casual seating have emerged in modern home theaters. Use your sense of style to create more laid-back, family-friendly spaces.

Multiple Media, More Screens

To further reinforce this communal vibe, home theatres are taking on a fused, media room experience. This trend, which often involves multi-screen media and theater rooms, counteracts the “bigger is better” attitude about screen size and emphasizes instead, “more is better.” If you want to watch two games at one time, your two (or more!) screens can give you that sports bar setup. Similarly, if one family member wants to play video games while the other watches the game, the family still enjoys time together in the same room.

Have you considered adding a projector to the mix for watching movies? Many people are considering a screen that disappears into the ceiling and appears when you need it. Today’s home theater rooms and media rooms let you have whatever technology you want in one space. We have looked at some of the amazing screens from companies like Stewart in the past and look forward to showcasing more over the next year.

Voice Controlled Everything

Due to Amazon and Google voice-control products’ ubiquity, prepare for more voice control in coming years. CES has featured LG’s Alexa-enabled TV the ThinQ AI in the past, expect some show stoppers again this year. This TV was one of the best as it employs multiple AI learning techniques that innovate how we currently use voice control. For example, “conversational voice recognition” features will enable devices to understand questions and commands more contextually, so users won’t have to repeat themselves.

The TV’s Magic Remote, powered by Amazon, helps users set routines and schedule other home devices, all through their televisions! Not to mention, you can instantly change the channel, set alarms and ask questions using just your voice.

Your Custom, Home Theater Concept, Delivered

How do you want your home theater to entertain you and your family? Does the new, media-room style design appeal to you, or do you prefer the sleeker, focused look and feel of a dedicated cinema? Either way, you’ll get exactly what you want when creating a captivating media experience. We will bring some of the best and latest that you can add your home very soon, some as early as Spring of 2020.

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