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Jabra Freeway, Keep You Hands on the Wheels and Your Calls on Your Visor

In the days when you could make a phone call wherever you wanted with your wireless phone, you really did not need many Bluetooth options or speakers. Now with hands free laws at all time highs, the need to have the perfect device for your car exists, enter the Jabra Freeway. No, this isn’t a road you will exit off from the NJ Turnpike, it is the latest technology that has people listening to their music anywhere as well as taking calls with both hands on the wheel.

The Freeway packs three speakers behind its fabric grille. The result is a stereo speakerphone that’s good enough for listening to certain genres of music and sound that’s full enough to hear over the nuisances of the road and wind noise present in a moving vehicle.

What we really liked about this is that it is truly hands free. You can use you voice to make, answer and end or redial a call. We tried this 100 times consecutively and we are happy to report that 97 out of the 100 calls using a Blackberry Tour and an Iphone 4s were completed using voice activation with the Jabra Freeway. That is amazing and everyone we spoke with asked why they could hear everything surrounding us. The sound quality is amazing and the speakers definitely do what they are supposed to.

If you are a music junkie, the audio streaming technology A2DP is amazing. You really can take this thing anywhere. Pack it your back on a road trip. Take it to a party and see how your friends “wow” over the sound from such a little device. It is even rugged too. We can say our party crowd gets a little crazy sometime and clumsy and therefore a little careless on handling. It was dropped no less than four times at a recent event and still works exactly the way we took it out of the box.  This means rugged and ready to travel. It can also connect to multiple devices to play music. Two is the ideal and recommended device connection.

The Freeway measures about 4.75 inches wide, 4 inches deep, and a solid 0.5 inch at its thickest, the Freeway will trump many of the our favorite speakerphones such as the Motorola Roadster or BlueAnt S4, and is closer in size to your average GPS navigator.

Overall, we give this some of the highest ratings at 4.5 out 5 for quality and construction. It is a little pricey in comparison to some of its competitors mentioned, but no one of those match the sound quality. The Freeway retails currently for around $115.00

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