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KIX, Back in 2023 and Still Blowing Fuses While Drummer Jimmy “Chocolate” Chalfant Recovers from Medical Issues

KIX, seen at the State Theatre in Falls Church, VA, Will Continue on in 2023 Without Jimmy “Chocolate” Chalfont for Now.

Story By: Erin Zollars

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Vienna, VA–

It was a pretty rough ending to 2022 for the famous glam rock band hailing from Hagerstown, MD after drummer Jimmy “Chocolate” Chalfant collapsed from an apparent Heart Attack at a show in Leesburg, VA and had to be carried off the stage, but like KIX has done so many times in the past, the band continues on and with Matt Starr on drums, the show continues to rock.

Starr, who seemed to a natural fit for the band as his touring has included the likes of ACE FREHLEY, MR. BIG, BLACK SWAN was praised by KIX front man Steve Whiteman for doing an amazing job after just two months of learning how to play their songs.  While our staff has seen quite a few KIX shows in the past, there is very little noticeable difference for someone just two months in, but it didn’t seem to faze the fans at the State Theatre.

KIX has become a local and over the years a national favorite shortly after it released its first, self-titled album on Atlantic Records more than 40 years ago. Their breakthrough came with 1988’s “Blow My Fuse”, which sold nearly a million copies, thanks to “Don’t Close Your Eyes”.

The band continued to ride the hard-rock wave until 1995, when KIX took a hiatus. Nearly 10 years later, KIX reunited and started touring regionally. A 2008 performance at the Rocklahoma festival led to more gigs and the release of a live DVD/CD called “Live In Baltimore” in 2012. In 2014, KIX released its seventh full-length album, “Rock Your Face Off”, the band’s first studio effort since 1995’s “Show Business”.

It’s clear to say that based on the crowd in the State Theatre on both floors and the ability of Whiteman to still belt out those notes, KIX has plenty of Fuses left to Blow and you should make it a point to see them on their tour this Spring and Summer. One show that is a must see with KIX is their M3 show.

KIX will close out the M3 weekend in Columbia, MD on May 7, after a day that includes performances from Warrant, Great White, Loudness, Steven Adler, Firehouse, L.A. Guns, Vixen and Mike Tramp (of White Lion).

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