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Livio Radio, The New In Car Music Choice for Those Who Don’t Believe in Subscribing to Music

Our staff must admit that we spend a lot of time in the car traveling from event to event and sometimes when you just don’t want to continue to listen to the same tunes you take to the gym or you don’t subscribe to Sirius/XM in your vehicle, you need a change. That change has finally hit the markets in the Livio Radio. Their More Music, Less Work slogan is exactly what this unit does in your car and our staff put it to the test in four different vehicles to see why you should spend the money for a little bit more of music, okay a lot more!

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If you have an Iphone or any Android powered phone, which if you don’t, then you probably aren’t really listening to much music and you probably have that old 8 Track right? Well for those who are, the Livio Radio app for your phone opens so many doors to what is an endless amount of music to be had with their 45,000 FM and AM only internet radio stations. For the Radiotime App Upgrade $4.99 one- time fee, this app, this is a great bargain after the $119 purchase price of the Livio Radio Bluetooth Car Internet Radio kit. We found that this was a great solution to listening to the terrible radio selections of our rental cars on road trips. Once the kit is paired with the device, the app is unlocked for free and the only download is needed if you plan on taking those radio stations with you to the gym.

The key points of the Livio radio that sold our staff was the quality of the programming. If your car is not equipped with a satellite radio option, many of the only options you will have is to purchase equipment for about the same cost as Livio and the programming may not be what you are really looking for. We like the ease of use and the size of the device, small! There aren’t a bunch of cumbersome wires for antennas, like its competitors.

Key Features of the Kit

6-inch gooseneck car adaptor with power switch

FM Transmitter with RDS output

3.5 mm AUX input to connect MP3 players to your FM Stereo

3.5mm AUX audio output

USB Charge output for mobile phones and other devices

Station History

Social Networking Connectivity ( Share those songs on Facebook or Twitter)

You will like the plug and go option of this phone. You can charge, listen and listen and listen, just what you need for road trips. Who doesn’t like sharing music legally. The Livio Radio allows you to extend your likes to whoever wants to know. You should really tell them to get one of their own and protect yours, because this unit is contagious, no one in our office could hardly figure out who was going to test it next and how long they would test it for.

For more information on how you can get your Livio Radio visit or follow them on twitter at and facebook at

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