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Mama Biscuit’s, Take Your Taste Buds to All New Heights of Goodness

Story By: Erin Zollars

Photos Courtesy: Mama Biscuit’s

Frederick, MD–

mama biscuit pot pie 11When you wake up on a Sunday morning and you are craving that homemade flavor of a biscuit and don’t want to venture out or grab your mixer and flour, well then we have found a hidden gem in Maryland that is about to blow up your taste buds. And they can be delivered right to your doorstep!

Mama Biscuit’s is the Nation’s first Boutique style online gourmet bakery company, that’s right, they make so many different flavors to suit all taste buds, that no other biscuit manufacturer comes close.  Mama Biscuit prides themselves on being a small local business to the D.C Metropolitan area, yet still accessible throughout the continental U.S. This means you can order any of their flavors and get them the next day if you desire.

So what makes Mama Biscuit so unique, enough to capture the likes of gourmet retailers such as Wegmans? The story behind it is just a start.

Mama Biscuit’s founder Lesley Riley is Project Manager by day, National Security Background Investigator by night and Gourmet Biscuit Maker in between. She would rather be titled the “The Biscuit Boss.”  She is definitely the Boss of flavor when it comes to one that tastes oh so good with each bite.

What Mama Biscuit is doing is bringing a “Northern flair to a Southern classic” by sharing unique sweet, savory and gluten-free signature heart-shaped gourmet.

According to Mama herself  “They’re not a cupcake, scone, muffin, or average southern style buttermilk biscuit, but you can still enjoy the consistency of a biscuit with the cake like moistness, and knock’em dead flavor combinations, still giving you a homemade taste that do not exist on the market today.”

The best part about biting into a Mama Biscuit is her flavors, 50 in total. Her number one seller is the Chicken Stuffed Pot Pie. You will find it hard to recreate this flavor in a biscuit unless you had the pot pie itself. These are ones you need to eat quickly, as Mama Biscuit’s are not meant to be left lying around the countertop. Believe us, they lasted 10 minutes in our sampling, so doubtful they will last long in your home.

Her Bananas Foster with Caramel Pecan Praline Biscuit is our second favorite and just imagine topping a biscuit with a sticky bun, this is what this creation tastes like and you have one of her many delicious creations.  Heat the Banana Foster biscuit and serve a la mode, and you have a wonderful homemade dessert that will fool any of your guests into thinking you baked the biscuits fresh that day.

Another must order is the Bacon, Cheddar and Jalapeno Biscuit. Did you ever have a few slices of bacon on a biscuit and think if only this was baked into the biscuit, well now it is. This would make for a great breakfast sandwich biscuit, or even served warm with maple ham and a mustard glaze. This one sizzles with fire of three different tastes.

Mama Biscuit’s are all about quality ingredients, therefor you won’t find any Trans Fats , No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavorings, No Artificial Coloring/Dyes, so basically, if it’s not fresh and authentic, Riley doesn’t want it on your table.

To keep the freshness with each bit she suggests serving them at room temperature and do not store them for more than 7 days in the refrigerator. So if you aren’t really to demolish these in a couple of days, then order accordingly.

For more information on ordering the biscuits for yourself, visit her website at


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