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Marlins Looking to Remove Homerun Carnival from the Outfield

Story By: Richard Thomas

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Miami, FL–

There is something nostalgic about going to a baseball game and a carnival, just not both in one place.. well for some people maybe, just not the Miami Marlins.

When the new stadium opened it offered all kinds of different things like a staple lounge found on South Beach, the Clevelander in the outfield and of course a bubble head museum, but this god awful thing appeared in centerfield that reminded us of a large pinball machine that no one wanted and just found a place to put it, only it made tons of noise when the ball landed in the outfield from a homer.. Which with Stanton in the line-up was quite often.

Enter 2017-18 and the new Derek Jeter era as part of the ownership group, well the fancy statue that probably belongs over in Wynwood Walls, just doesn’t bode well with the team.

Jeter, we know, falls into the hater category in many different ways already. “It’s unique,” he has said of the $2.5 million sculpture by Red Grooms. Well what is unique? In his mind, not in my stadium. So what’s next on the list for this Putt Putt like sculpture? Who knows, several polls are taking place around Miami to see what is the next step for this gem of a piece of work.

We reached out to the City of Miami and the efforts to move it to Museum Park and they would only comment that the sculpture movement is in talks. They are uncertain what part, if any they want to take in what the new owners want to do with what is inside of the stadium.

For now, it looks like the sculpture will make the Opening Day 40 man roster, the question to when it gets sent down is way up in the air, as the Marlins really have just Lewis Brinson to carry the load this season.


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