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Mary J Blige And Maxwell To Bring ‘King And Queen Of Hearts’ World Tour To Baltimore

Mary J. Blige and Maxwell put on what should be considered “The Best Concert Of The Year ”

Story By Deborah Leung Pointed Magazine Staff

Photo’s By Benjamin Rogers, Jr Pointed Magazine Staff

mjb5The King and Queen of Hearts Tour produced by Live Nation, as a joint venture with Hip – Hop and R&B mega stars, Maxwell and Mary J. Blige, took place at Baltimore’s Royal Farms Arena on a beautiful Saturday night.

The show opened at 7 o’clock sharp. New artist Ro James opened the show and performed a quick and upbeat tempo set which ended with his hit song Green Light.

The Queen Mary J Bligh’s open her set with video headlines streaming across the huge stage screen, and displaying images of tabloid headlines covering her estranged husband’s request for nearly $130,000. MJB shoulette appeared on a beautifully draped white curtain that suddenly and dramatically dropped, revealing our Queen MJB.

MJB came on stage as a force to be reckoned with song lyrics that she will never have to apologize for as she performed with sheer rawness, her performance was also powerful and emotional.

When MJB performed her hit song, “No More Drama” the audience may have felt that they were attending a revival meeting as MJB stomped across the stage, shouted, scream and felled down to her knees in absolute surrender to the song lyrics. MJB gave this song everything that was in her and left it right there on the stage.

Mary J’s performance was electrifying, powerful, intense, heart wrenching, transparent and therapeutic.

MJB sent shockwaves throughout the Royal Farms Arena that even the king himself Maxwell, had to come from backstage and take a seat in the audience just to soak up the greatness of the artistry know as MJB.

Maxwells performance was sultry and at times erotic as he teased the audience with sexy moves and at times seductively removing his jacket to show his fit figure which ultimately had the Baltimore audience screaming at the top of the lungs.

maxwell4When Maxwell performed his iconic song “A Women’s Worth “it was so beautiful and moving.

As the songs lyrics flash across the stage screen back drop, Maxwell knelt down on a self-made alter to show his reverence and to pay homage to all women in the world. Maxwell surely did not disappoint.

Maxwell and Mary J. Blige are definitely forces to be reckoned with.

Both artists are Grammy Award winning singers and songwriters.

Maxwell is currently celebrating his 20th year in the industry. His album “Black Summer Night” is his first album in six years.

Mary J. Blige has sold millions of albums and is currently working on her 14th album.


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