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MLB Continues Weekend of All Star Events with Kickback Edition of Diversity and Inclusion

Story By: Richard Thomas

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Washington, D.C–

For many, MLB All Star week has already been busy around town, but tonight busy or not, those who have an interest in the movement of sneakers around baseball, well then you had some of the best in one room with MLB’s Diversity and Inclusion Kickback Edition panel featuring some of the best in the industry involving the sneaker movement to include DJ Clark Kent and John Geiger, two guys who have played huge part in the sneaker culture changes over the years.

Having a chance to see the entire panel that included other people with shoe ties nationally and locally like Dukki Yu, the founder of sneaker boutique Major in Georgetown and Collete Gangemi, Former VP Global Footwear DC Shoes, who started her career with Converse and made many differences to the brand over the years. All of the panelists weighed in on the emergence of creativity in footwear, and why MLB is loosening its policy on what they allow on the field.

“The changes in their policy are from people like you,” said DJ Clark Kent to the audience. ” There is a new trend for athletes not just enthusiasts who want to express their mind and creativity through sneakers. It’s not just the same old shoes on the field anymore.”

Shoes, hats and apparel customization is a huge part of the industry and this weekend has seen one of the biggest “DROPS” as they are called from MLB partners such as Levis and Under Armour.

If you are out and about for the next few days, we encourage stopping by District Pier at the Wharf to check out Assembly, and customize your one 1 of 1 and see the hype and creations behind some of the artists that inspire the products.


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