Nike Golf Chukka, When Average Shoes Just Won’t Do!

Story By: Erin Zollars and Sol Tucker

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Dallas, TX–

nike golf chukka side 1Over the past 10 years we have seen some great shoes on the course from Nike Golf, but this Spring, the Nike players spoke and their designers listened. The Nike Golf Chukka is going to be changing the footwear look in many clubhouses this Spring and Summer. Nike Golf Chukka, is no longer a shoe that can be just worn on the course.

One of the amazing features of this shoe is the original NSW Chukka base. Turned course-friendly by adding the water resistant dew coating to the toe box of the shoe for those damp mornings and dew covered greens. It really adds some density to the remainder of shoe as well. Unlike make of the athletic predecessors that this shoe is based off, the toe box seems to have a better all-around construction than its regular model with the coating.

We found that when you add a little bit of the CREP Protect spray to this shoe, it became completely water resistant. The combination of the Nike base materials and the best shoe protect in the business, it defeats most other competitor’s shoes in style, comfort and water resistance with the combination of the two products. There is no comparison for both men and women when it comes to this shoe, no golf shoe even comes close on performance and style.

Our testing comprised of playing two morning rounds, one in Maryland and one in Texas, both under different weather conditions. The shoe showed no sign of “soaking the sock” syndrome that you find with some shoes after being buried in deep rough on those early Spring mornings.

nike golf bottom 1The second most impressive part of this shoe are the soles. Not only could these pass for the ACG version of their Chukka, but you will find the sole gives you the best traction on all course conditions. Wearing the Chukkas through the clubhouse and parking lot was a nice change to many cleated golf shoes finding it necessary to change immediately when turning in your golf cart. The cleats are shorter and softer than the original golf cleat many are accustomed to. This is the best choice for those golfers who prefer to remove the champ spikes from their shoes in order to wear them inside the clubhouse.

As far as pricing, these are a great value at $190 considering they truly can serve as multiple use shoes, on the course and in the clubhouse. I would venture to say that these are going to be a favorite of those who also want style off the course.

The shoe has been worn by PGA Tour stars Patrick Rodgers and Jamie Lovemark. For the public, the Flyknit Chukka is available in two colors (black/white, blue/white for men; black/white and pink/white for women) and can be found on

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