Nike Golf Fall/ Winter Apparel , Your Look on the Course Isn’t Complete Without These New Additions

Just when our staff thought the new looks for the Fall of 2011 and into the Winter of 2012 couldn’t get any better from NIKE Golf, we take a look at the new looks on the course and think to ourselves how could you not want to add something new each season with the collection getting better and better with each season.

What we see this season is a great combination of cross over apparel which seems to be adding a lot of the tradition Dri-Fit and combining it with some of the more the classic Nike sporty apparel for a great on and off the course collection. We wanted to check out some of the new blues and of course the Women’s Tour Collection which just continues to amaze our staff.

Our first selection which we considered our favorite is certainly to catch eyes at the country club and maybe in the office too. The men’s seersucker style pants had a few looks on the course as we played twice in a week in the same outfit we liked it so much. These pants using the Dri-Fit technology are great to repel a little bit of the elements or a drink from the cup holder as you take the turn to tight as our review staff did on the first nine holes of the day for testing.

One thing that Nike has done this season has created a little bit of a throwback collection which is called their 1972 Plaid collection. We call it just plain cool. The colors are a great match for a head to toe look and certainly at 5.82 ounces are one of the lightest shirts to date in their collection. They offer great breathability and the shirt definitely wicks most of the sweat away from the body. When we tested this shirt, the weather was around 75 degrees and sunny and we combined it with their new Dri-Fit slim fit shorts which also are a great look. No more super baggy shorts on the course, just style you can trust.

While usually the men’s apparel is what is always in the spotlight, our staff continues to think the women’s collection inspired by players such as Michelle Wie is growing to everyday wear each season. These looks are no longer just your golf course apparel, its work apparel, and its night out on the town apparel; in fact it’s even good enough to lounge around your house apparel. Comfort is at all time high even after the apparel has been washed time after time. We simulated a few months wear with 25 times in the wash machine with hot and cold water temperatures and they still looked very new.  Our reviewer wore the pants on the same 75 degree day when she normally would have worn a Nike skirt or shorts and said they have almost the same comfort with moisture and sweat.  “I feel like these give me the breathability I need to feel comfortable on the course,” said Erin Zollars, Senior Editor for Pointed. “I would wear these just to grab a bite to eat or to Sunday brunch with my friends, they are just so stylish.”

For the days when there is a little chill in the air, perhaps you will want to add the stylish Tiger Woods Collection Plaid Jacket. With a full zip front and magnetic-closure flap pockets it is sure to make a statement. We liked the magnetic closure as it keeps stuff in the pockets less likely to fall out when taking hands in out. On the sleeves you will find Velcro strips that allow you to adjust the tightness of the sleeve with your wrist to ensure that none of that body heat escapes.

What really sells us on the jacket besides of the looks is how light the jacket is but still packs a punch to keeping you warm. Most jackets that have fall lining tend to be a little on the heavier side, but this jacket weighs in at just under one pound with the lining 6.87 ounces and the exterior polyester laminate at 4.86 ounces. We took the jacket out for a test on a drizzling morning and the jacket was barely wet after 1.5 hours on the course.

Again, Nike scores high in the design department, but each season the apparel continues to improve on quality. When you purchase apparel in the 100.00 to 200.00 range, you expect style, but you also expect to be able to wash and wear for a few months at a time. We proved that each time the product continues to excel in all categories and we enjoy reporting that some of our personal Nike Golf apparel has survived over five seasons of wear.  Some just had to be replaced because keeping up with the course essentials needs to be also fashion sensible as well.

For more information regarding any of the apparel in this article and all of the Nike Course essentials from the Tour Collection or the Tiger Woods collection, visit

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