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Nike Golf STORM-FIT Outerwear

NIKE Storm Fit Outerwear, When you Just Want to Golf and Don’t Care if it is Raining or Cold, The New Pants and Jackets are a Perfect Fit for all Conditions.

When the longer days of summer turn to the shorter days of fall, you are most likely going to have to endure a chance of some in climate weather as well and why not be ready with some of the best outer wear that Nike Golf has released ever in their outerwear collection; their STORM-FIT Elite jacket and pants. If you plan on playing in foul weather and you don’t want you game to be a little foul as well, then this combination is sure to save the day of any game.

After reviewing some of Nike Golf’s previous outerwear offerings and seeing the success they had on the course and with just everyday wear were a little bit surprised by the results of the new jacket and pants. Okay the surprise came in a good way that this combination is the best that they have released yet.   While the others did exactly what they said, this is the first set of apparel that put an entirely new meaning to the word Dri or Storm.   One word sums up the performance, dry, dry and dry.. well that is three, but that is what you can expect after taking off the apparel.

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One of the most important characteristics of the new STORM-FIT Elite outerwear in accommodating the athletic movement of the golf swing is the four-way stretch material that provides extended range of motion. Since most outerwear is worn over other apparel to keep you warm they took the movement into consideration. To reduce weight and bulk, the Nike STORM-FIT Elite features no-sew bonding technology of which Nike introduced in its apparel and rainwear in 2007.  The no-sew technology reduces weight and bulk.  A modern silhouette provides the golfer with a sleek look. What you will find wearing the apparel is that you feel like you have extra space and it really moves with the swing and the swing is not hampered with a typical tight outerwear syndrome.   This jacket with its no-sew technology does a great job of keeping the body insulated and you will find that you can wear lighter apparel under the jacket and pants and be just as comfortable in all elements.

Where golfers will find this jacket and pants to really excel is keeping you dry. Offered in a full zip and a half zip as well as a short sleeved version, the Nike STORM-FIT Elite is seam-sealed making it waterproof, windproof and breathable.  The new Nike outerwear also includes laser cut technology, which is located on the chest where it houses a zipper garage, and on the cuff of the sleeve.

Our two tests of the outerwear came on the course and off the course.   The first test was on the sidelines of a rain drenched Maryland Terps game and the second test was on the course on a cool drizzly October morning in Northern Virginia.

The jacket and pant performance combined with the new Nike Air Bandon shoe was far superior in heavy rain. During the football game many of the other photographers outerwear appeared looked to be completely soaked around the collar area as well as the top part of most of their jackets was soaked through to their shirts or other jackets under the outerwear. The Nike STORM FIT Elite was worn for almost three quarters of the game, or 2.5 hours of complete exposure to heavy rain the jacket would not let the water penetrate. Most of what we got was the rain beading up on the jacket and running off.   We could easily whisk the water off the sleeves and it was right back to dry again.

While the jacket excelled higher than anticipated, it was the pants that told the story. Trudging through puddles and wet soaked grass with the snaps in place at the bottom, no water ever made it to the tops of our socks or even entered into the tops of the shoes. The ease of access of the pockets made it simple to retrieve items like flash cards for the camera and keep the Blackberry dry, now keeping these dry on and off the course is a must and the STORM FIT Elite is sure to do the job.

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