Polk Signature S60 Speakers, Cashing In on Sound Quality and Not Your Wallet

Story By: Hal Jalikakik and Sol Tucker

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Alexandria, VA–

For anyone who has been familiar with the Polk speaker products over the years since the Hi-Fi boom in the 1970’s, you will know they have never shorted consumers with some of the best sound in their homes. Well, back then, technology was nothing in comparison to what we have available to us now and the new regime at Polk has delivered some of their best products to date that’s for sure and we will detail a bit of the Signature Series S60 speakers

With the Signature Series, Polk successfully practices its long-held ethos of delivering high performance at affordable cost in a new, smartly designed lineup.
What most consumers will like about the S60 is their sleek look and their price point for amazing sound from just two speakers.
The S60 tower deploys three identical-looking 6.5-inch cone woofers made from mineral-filled polypropylene and a 1-inch dome tweeter made from terelyne, a polyester fiber that is said to offer extended high-frequency response over a standard silk dome and which allowed the Signatures to become Polk’s first line to be awarded official Hi-Res Audio certification. The “four-driver cascading tapered crossover array” makes the S60 a two-and-a-half way design, wherein the top 6.5-inch driver runs like a regular two-way, from low frequencies up to the tweeter; the bottom two drivers also start in the low frequencies but roll off sooner, producing less midrange.
We recommend testing your space for the S60 as they are amazing solo in smaller spaces. They were amazing for two college basketball games, but it was the NBA games that gave us the best “on-court” feeling of sound. The sneaker squeak was so authentic you just have to try not to spill your beer thinking you are at the game jumping up and accidently staining the sofa.. If that’s not authentic, we do not know what is.
On close inspection, it must be said, both the look and the feel are budget: The vinyl wraps’ seams are clearly evident on the speakers’ bottoms, and the towers’ integral feet are distinctly plastic. None of which has any bearing on the sound, of course, although all those décor-group elements cost money.
The exclusive Polk Port Port technology delivers some of the best bass we have seen from a speaker in this price range. Most tower speakers would cost consumers around 1k each with the bass delivered by the pair of the S60’s
The S60s had no trouble producing real-club levels without compromising the lower-frequency clarity and dynamics necessary to convey Smith’s B3 barrage.
Your best bet with these speakers is a nice smaller room for maximum sound. We had no problem bouncing the sound in 300 square feet with amazing sound for both music, and Netflix 4k delivery with a Harmon Kardon Receiver. We have some of the best sound so far of 2018 testing with the S60’s over the past 45 days of testing. We highly recommend at least one solid week of break-in, as it seems that the speakers really start to show their quality after an average of 4 hours of play for the first week.
The S60’s are a solid value for $449.99 retail each and are available through the website or other retailers.

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