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President Obama Salutes Red Sox at White House

Washington, D.C–

President Obama welcomed the Boston Red Sox to the White House Tuesday to commemorate the team on their 2013 World Series Championship.

As usual, President Obama was not short on humor making a few light-hearted jokes about player’s beards or lack thereof.

“I thought I invited the Red Sox here today, but there must be a mistake because I don’t recognize all these clean-shaven guys,” Obama said. “But beards or no beards, it is an honor to welcome the 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox to the White House.”

President Obama congratulated the Red Sox on their third World Series title in the past decade. He continued to discuss the significance of the Red Sox winning the championship this past season in light of the tragic event that was the Boston Marathon Bombing.

“Obviously, all the wins were sweet for Red Sox fans, but I think for the nation as a whole there was something about this particular squad that was special… they symbolized the grit and the resilience of one of America’s iconic cities during one of its most difficult moments,” Obama said.

The unexpected tragedy left the city of Boston ailing. President Obama expanded upon the bombing that devastated the city of Boston and the entire country.

“Nearly one year ago, hundreds of thousands gathered on a beautiful spring day to run and cheer the historic Boston Marathon. But a senseless act of terror turned celebration into chaos, and joy into anguish,” He said. “Four young people lost their lives. Hundreds were injured. The city was rocked.

President Obama mentioned how proud he was of the city of Boston for remaining “resolute, unbowed and unbroken” through this tragedy. The slogan “Boston Strong” still remains a slogan closely tied to the Boston community. Their unity is strengthened through the Red Sox success.

“The first responders, the brave citizens, the resolute victims of these tragedies, they’re all Boston Strong and ultimately, that’s what this team played for last season, and every man behind me did his part to keep the team rolling,” Obama said.

Though the Boston Marathon Bombing devastated the city of Boston, the Red Sox success has given the city something to cheer about in the midst of its sadness. Obama reminded those in attendance that another milestone for the city of Boston will soon be met.

“In just a few weeks, something else we resolved last year will come to pass: On the third Monday in April, the world will return to Boston and run harder than ever and cheer louder than ever for the 118th Boston Marathon. That will happen,” Obama said.”

President Obama went on to acknowledge a few key contributors to the Red Sox championship run including World Series MVP David Ortiz and pitcher Koji Uehara.

David Ortiz was all smiles when addressing the media, emphasizing that he was not the sole reason for the team’s continued success.

“This is work you got to do as a group,” Ortiz told reporters. “Everybody do a little bit of something for us to be a champion and that’s all that matters.”

As Obama concluded his remarks, he stated his appreciation and admiration for the level of community the Boston Red Sox demonstrated last season with their city.

“The bottom line is I’m proud of these guys. As a baseball fan, I appreciate their comeback season,” Obama said. “But more importantly, as President, I’m grateful for their character and their embrace of the essential role they played in the spirit of that city.”

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