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Product Review Of The CoFi Cases stylish sleeves for your tablet.

CoFi Cases-An Affordable Luxury Product For Your iPad Or E-Readers

If you are looking for durability and affordability as well as protection for your iPad or e-reader then you need to check out the “CoFi Case”.  CoFi Case sleeves provide premium leather case for the Kindle Fire, iPad, Nook and Nexus 7, and in the near future there will be CoFi Cases for your iPad mini.  CoFi cases are a high quality cowhide leather product available at affordable prices.  The stylish and durable CoFi Case comes in an array of colors, textures and styles.


Pointed Magazine staff chose to review the large silver Croco CoFi Case for our iPad as we like the textured and style this case provided.  We were not disappointed with our choice of style.  Upon opening the CoFi case we could smell the unmistakable scent of new leather.

The exterior is silver/black in color and you can feel the texture of the leather while holding the CoFi Case.  The black zipper is located at the top of the CoFi case along with a long pull styled tab that provided easy accessibility to pull open the zipper and slide the iPad in and out of the case with ease.  The interior lining made a snug fit for the iPad.

Another beauty of the CoFi Cases is while it’s truly a stylish product you won’t have to worry about logos shouting out to the world what you are carrying as the CoFi logo is neatly stitched inside the case.

This case does not scream, hey everybody I am carrying around expensive electronic equipment.  The unique qualities of this lovely case is that your tablet or e-reader becomes unrecognizable inside the CoFi Case

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CoFi cases are made from 100% genuine leather and the interior is lined with a protective faux shearling-style fabric that is more like a thick white fleece type fabric of premium quality. The CoFi case is made to hold in your hand like a small pouch or it can be place in a handbag, backpack or briefcase. Your iPad or e-Reader can stay nice and cozy inside the CoFi Case.

The CoFi cases are very nice gifts for anyone who owns an e-reader, tablet or iPad. As a parent I always worried about my college age son accidentally dropping his iPad and it crashing to the ground, ouch, there goes my hard earned money.  Instead I worry less, as his iPad will be safe and sound inside a CoFi Case.

The designers of this product have been in the leather industry for over 40 years.  The consumer can be assured that they are purchasing a quality and affordable luxury product from a family owned business.

CoFi Cases are available in two sizes.  The mini CoFi Cases is priced at $39.95. The Large CoFi Cases are priced at $49.95

Family owned C & C Leathers; the makers of the CoFi Cases are located in Denver, Colorado.

Check out there website at:

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