Roy Boy’s D.C, So “Cluckin” Good, Everyone’s Flocking Over to Shaw- CLOSED FOR GOOD DEC 2022

Story By: Erin Zollars

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Washington, D.C–


Ten years ago when we first met Roy Boy’s Managing Partner, Marlon Marshall, as he wiped our table down at Lucky’s in Alexandria, we knew there was something different about his attitude toward the restaurant business… he wanted you to come back again!! Fast forward to 2019, here he is at Roy Boy’s in Shaw with partner Scott Parker of Don Tito and A Town fame, running a restaurant with chicken and oysters as their staples, that will leave you wanting to come back again and again and again! Just as we thought, Marshall kept grounded and built a dining concept the way it should be, quality and satisfaction.

“We think this will be a great spot at all times of the day said,” Marshall. “We’re going to serve drinks late every night, but also offer a quality food menu at the same time. We will have a walk up window where you can get a quality chicken sandwich and fries at 3am if you like. Now you don’t have to just grab pizza after a concert. How about some quality food and drinks, that’s what we are all about.”

It didn’t take long for us to settle in on a Thursday to see people breaking out their Iphones and posing for selfies next to the murals of the hip-hop legends or with the food. When you take your first bite or sip of their cocktails, you will know why this place will be packed every night. It holds just 100 people inside, so get there early if you want to secure a spot for all of this goodness.

Starting off the menu are 6 specialty cocktails, two of which are ones you do not want to miss include the Power Up and City Newstand. Their Power Up could be good for Sunday brunch, or as their menu describes this “Painkiller Worth Celebrating” a delightful mix of Bacardi Ocho, coconut, spiced mango, passionfruit-champagne and orange juice. This heaven is one you will order more than once. No pain here all good gain.

The City Newsstand is their “Turnt Up version of a Old Fashioned. The Bulleit Bourbon, Amaro Albano, Cherry liqueur and barrel aged bitters are a great compliment all of that fried chicken goodness you will get into.

There are currently 7 beers on tap, all local, which rounds out their menu of 8 other options of Lager and Stouts. Again, all of which go very well with chicken. Did we mention this place has really good chicken?

One thing that will be difficult to find late night is how they sort of combine their drinking with the love of brunch, by making their Bloodies available everyday, all day. Choose from Mary or Maria.. If you choose both, be ready for all the spice that comes along with both. Again, add chicken!

We have your mouth watering yet? Well if these descriptions don’t, Chef Will Sullivan, formally of Green Pig Bistro in Clarendon will once you hit the “Share” portion of the menu.

The CCB, A mix of Amazing All on One Plate

One item not to be missed is the CCB, paying homage to D.C’s GoGo music, the CCB is certainly jamming with flavor with its fried chicken, cheddar biscuit, bacon apple onion jam and sausage gravy. Did we mention chicken? Again it’s here and this one once you get a hold of it, will be gone quicker than Chuck Brown tickets in the 70’s. The combination of flavor here is amazing and expect this to be a hit on the brunch menu as well.

Keepin It Hot and Tasty Nashville Style

There are five solid chicken sandwich options on the menu as well that include both flavor and heat, The Drop it Like It’s Hot. The hot chicken is not overpowering in hot sauce like some try to make this Nashville classic. The slaw, peppers, dressing and grilled sweet roll is a way to enhance the flavor of the hot chicken. You won’t need any extra hot sauce with this one, however you can ask for some if you like.

All of the sandwiches range from $13 for The OG up to $15 for the IN DA CLUB.

If you crave chicken by the platter, then we suggest giving the Half or Big Bird a run for the money with their amazing collard greens added to the meal you have some southern goodness in your hands. The breading on the chicken is amazing and still allows for tons of juice to pop out with each bite.

BBQ Oysters, A Must Try

If we have given the chicken too much love, well then grab your seat and hold on for the Oyster ride. Whether you shoot or chew them, they have plenty to delight. Order the Barbequed Oysters, the old bay and panko are worth it alone, but a fresh oyster never hurt anyone.

Fried is also an option not just with the chicken when you order the Roy Boy Po Boys. Shrimp or Oysters are an option for $16.

These Ice Cream Tacos May Be the Best Item that isn’t Even on a Menu

There is no way you can leave this delight without trying one of their Ice Cream Tacos, which are an amazing delight served in a homemade taco waffle. Marshall says the Tacos will rotate weekly with different flavors, but right now their Strawberry and Pina Colada are the two huge hits. Expect different surprises featuring different types of cereal toppings added in the mix as well.

Roy Boys will have their full menu available until 11pm each night, when they will switch to a late night menu served to 2am. They will also have many of their items available until 3am from their walk-up window.

So if you are out and about in D.C and craving some really good food, then head on over to 2108 8th Street NW, you will be pleased you didn’t opt for pizza again in those late night hours.

Roy Boys

2108 8th Street NW

Hours Sunday- Thursday 4pm-2am

Friday-Saturday 4pm-3am

Normal bar hours with walk-up options to 3am from the window that doesn’t require you to even come inside. Take this goodness to go, you will be glad you did.

For more info on Roy Boys and their options, please check out the link below.

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