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Sanyo eneloop Rechargeable Batteries, When 1000 Alkaline Batteries Won’t Do, Try One of These and Convenience of Charging is Just a USB or Plug Away

Toss Your Old Batteries, eneloop Recharageable Batteries are Your New Friend
Once again, our staff at Pointed Magazine is dedicated to bringing its readers the hottest products for 2007. The staff at Pointed Magazine has reviewed all types of products in the past but here’s one that is going to make sure you toss your old batteries away for good.

Okay, the holiday season is upon us and there are lots of devices from electronics to toys that require the use of one key element, batteries. Whether its AA or AAA batteries for your gift needs, why not put away the worries of how long those batteries last by replacing them with the new eneloop battery that makes all other batteries virtually obsolete.

Developed by Sanyo Energy USA, the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, eneloop represents the next evolution in batteries. The concept of using a battery time after time that is consumer friendly is becoming more in demand. Sanyo Energy created the eneloop battery as part of its Think GAIA vision and commitment to help preserve the environment by reducing waste while helping to conserve precious natural resources for future generations.

With the eneloop rechargeable battery kit, each battery can be used up to 1,000 times before being replaced. The best thing about these batteries, unlike some of their competitors, these come pre-charged and they are ready to satisfy out of the package. No more waiting around to use these batteries, these are ready just the same as any other alkalines you might buy in the stores.

What our staff really liked about these batteries is the ease of recharging them. You can simply use the travel companion charger right from you laptop. You can charge either 2 AA or 2 AAA batteries with the USB charger and then you never have to worry about lost power for that camera or flash anymore. This is a great gift idea or a smart purchase for anyone who wants to save on batteries. For $19.99, this is sure to go a lot further than a $8.00 6 pack of AAA batteries.

For those looking for a multi-use battery kit, well then try the eneloop Rechargeable Battery Kit, which makes looking for the right battery virtually obsolete. Who has C and D cell batteries just lying around anymore anyway? Each kit includes one eneloop NiMh battery charger, four AA batteries, two AAA batteries, two AA to C adapters and two AA to D adapters. Just slide the AA into the adapter and those monster batteries are just a step away from powering all of your children’s new toys. The kit retails for $34.99.

If you are looking for a strong gift idea that is not going to break the bank and surely will save the recipient as well, then give the gift of eneloop batteries, it is the gift that always recharges to new and is convenient too. We also like the enloopy battery check dog that comes with the package. His nose lights up a vibrant blue when the battery is full.

To purchase the kit or the travel companion visit or if you are traveling they are also available through the Skymall Catalog and

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