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Sean Combs Leads a Bad Boy Reunion, With a Surprising Amount of Soul

Royal Farms Arena was on and popping, as The Bad Boy Family Reunion Arrives

Story By Deborah Leung Pointed Magazine

Photo’s By Benjamin Rogers

When you hear the iconic sound of a male voice whispering ” Bad Boy, can you out come out and play” and the clicking together of two small soda bottles, then you know your life is about to be turned all the way up.

The Bad Boy Family Reunion started out with a speculator visionary journey through the lives of our beloved Biggie Smalls, Puff Daddy, Faith Evans, Lil Kim, Mase, Total, 112, French Montana, The Lox, Carl Thomas and much more.

Bad Boy is celebrating 20 plus years of legendary history honoring the greatest in the game of Rap and Hip Hop music. The reunion was a joyous celebration of the fun times on your street in your neighborhood growing up as a kid. The music was not just music, it was the feeling that was left within your inner soul, stirring up childhood memories reminiscent of your first love or playing on the street corner in your neighborhood with no care in the world, it was the feeling!

I must say that Puffy kept this party train moving with his energizing and familiar dance moves, flamboyant Bad Boy costumes changes and his command of the crowd along with the larger than life photos of Biggie Smalls looming in the background made for a scenery of visual delight.
Biggie’s presence was felt throughout the entire building as Puffy made sure of it!

pd1Puffy opened the show accompanied with an entourage of female dancers with the song “Victory” which quickly led into last years hit “Finna Get Loose” it was magical!

The show continued as Mase joined Puffy onstage and performed the familiar songs “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” and ” Been Around The World”. Puffy and Mase mimic each other as they took charg of different sides of the stage to make sure everyone in the arena felt the magic of the night with these two powerhouse artist onstage at the same time. You felt the love between Mase and Puffy as they had the Baltimore crowd on their feet enjoying every moment of this performance.

But the night’s truest catharsis was provided by Faith Evans, once the wife of the Notorious B.I.G., who performed a luscious set early in the night, outfitted in white fur, and then returned at the end for an intense “I’ll Be Missing You,” the B.I.G. tribute song.

The Queen Bee herself, Lil Kim closed out the onstage festivities with her song “Quiet Storm” and continued on with a medley of hits, “Big Momma Thang, “No Time” and ” Get Money”.

The best part of Lil Kim’s set was when she performed “All About The Benjamin’s” her star power was shining brightly on this one!

The finale was touching and more vine as Faith Evans performed the song “I’ll Be Missing You”, her tribute to Biggie, Faith was surrounded onstage with her fellow label mates on this finale set and you clearly felt the emotional connection to this song from the audience singing along and Puffy tearing up.

The Bad Boy Reunion Tour was well worth it!

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