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Sugar Miami, Offering a Swanky and Sleek Rooftop Experience in Brickell

Story By: Erin Zollars and Sol Tucker

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Miami, FL–

As you probably know, rooftop bars and lounges have become very popular during the past few years. It takes a lot more than sheer popularity for the entire experience to be dubbed one the best rooftop lounges on the East Coast and maybe even in the States, but Sugar Miami at the East Hotel does just that.

The place has a smooth, sultry vibe to it in the heart of downtown.  It’s one of those places that you go to for the unique aspect of it. Consider it like a garden in the sky with adult beverages. Despite being right in the middle of Brickell, Sugar’s ambiance is very relaxing and chic. This is a place you can come anytime of the day and feel as if you are taking yourself out of the traditional Miami or South Beach scenes.

When the sun goes down, this place really turns up the heat. The bar is an option to grab a seat, however there are smartly placed bistro tables and chairs, as well as lounging chairs and couches for settling in for cocktails and food. When you are part of one of the hottest places to be in Miami, pack your patience if you want to get a cocktail with a view. You most definitely will enjoy the rooftop energy and vibe.

Two of the must try cocktails on the list are the lychee blossom ($12), featuring Russian Standard Vodka, sake, and lychee. We also liked the East of Miami cocktail, consisting of Plymouth gin, green tea, and jackfruit. Both are light and refreshing, and, of course, everything tastes better with a view, fresh air, and 40 stories high.

What we were most impressed with was the creativity Chef Jonathan has put together on his menu for Sugar. It continues with some wonderful Asian inspired tapas foods worth the try. Most of the selections on the menu have been inspired by the staff of the hotel that has trained at their properties in Hong Kong and Beijing. You can’t go wrong with the food here as a great addition to the specialty cocktails.

Some of the best selection on the menu with authentic flavoring brought from their training at their two properties are the Korean chicken wings with sesame seeds, chili, and peanuts ($16); agedashi tofu with shiitake dashi and grated daikon ($14); steamed prawn and scallop dumplings with chili sauce ($16); and tamarind-glazed beef satay with fried shallots and palm sugar ($16). For dessert, there are coconut palm leaf crepes with Florida mangoes; chocolate cake with ginger chutney and lime sorbet; and a lychee crème brûlée (all $12).

“Being Hong Kong-based, we chose to stick to our roots by creating Asian tapas and cocktails here at Sugar, on the 40th floor, said Amanda Harris, Director of Communications for the East Hotel. Each one of the items on the menu and throughout the hotel is designed to make it unique for Miami. We may be one of the only places in South Florida that have the authentic ties because of our other two properties, said Harris.

If you are looking for something new and fresh for Miami, we think we have found the perfect spot. Great food, great vibes and great cocktails. But don’t forget, get there early, as all the hype has kept the lines growing and growing. Great for business and great for the scene. Head EAST our friends, you will be glad you did 40 stories up!

at East, Miami
788 Brickell Plaza
Miami, FL 33131

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