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Tamar Braxton Turned Up The Heat With “The Love And War Tour” At The Fillmore Silver Spring Maryland

Tamar Braxton turned up the heat with a steamy and sensual sold out concert at The Fillmore.

The concert was all the way live as the show started with a dazzling display of lights and white smoke rising from the stage as Tamar Braxton awesome dancers set the stage on fire with their in synch moves wearing tight sexy white outfits on their well toned bodies.

Tamar Braxton suddenly appeared on a turning platform adorned in all white as well and she looked absolutely stunning.  The Epic Record Label artist vocals were on point as she gave a gallant display when she sung “Stay and Fight”  which was certainly a crowd pleaser.

Tamar Braxton worked the stage as well with her dancers with wonderful choreography, thrusting hips, booty popping, hair flips and her well known facial expressions fitted in quite well.  As Tamar Braxton licked her lips and touched her body you could here the sizzle popping.  Tamar Braxton was a sex kitten burning up the Fillmore stage with her fast paced well placed dance moves.
Tamar Braxton slowed the concert down to speak with her adorning fans in between her song sets.  She spoke to her Silver Spring fans about the love she has for her family and her husband Vince.  Tamar Braxton knows how to work a crowd with her down to earth, demeanor.  She is believable as a true vocalist and performer, and she connected quit well with the sold out crowd.

The Fillmore fans went wild as Tamar Braxton graced the stage once again and performed her hit single “Love and War”.  At this point in the show if you were not sold on the Tamar Braxton brand, you had no choice but to be sucked in to her beautiful and demanding soaring vocals and it felt good. It was mesmerizing.

Tamar Braxton no longer has to stay in the background of her big sister the beautiful Toni Braxton, she can now continue to move forward in her own light as a solo artist and rising star.

Tamar Braxton time has come and she continues to prove that she is a true singer and works hard at her craft and no longer has to stand in anyone’s shadow.
Tamar Braxton Love and War Tour is moving on to a city near you.  It’s a concert  not to be missed!

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