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The Rain and Cold Baltimore Weather Could Not Keep The Sell-Out Throng From Seeing Anthony Hamilton And Fantasia

Story By: Deborah Leung

Photos By: Benjamin Rogers, Jr

Baltimore, MD–

Anthony Hamilton & Fantasia If you are a true fan of R&B music accompany with real live vocals, background singers and a beautiful stage set, then you were not disappointed if you were in attendance at Pier 6.

Anthony Hamilton opened the show appearing onstage with crutches and a brace on his leg due to an apparent injury.  Nevertheless this injury did not hinder his onstage performance as he smoothly intertwine the crutches as his dance partner swaying and moving onstage in unison with his smooth vocals as he performed “Cool”, “Coming From Where I’m From”, and “Point Of It All”.

Anthony Hamilton took the crowd to church with his soul stirring song entitled “Still”.  He continued his set with smooth blends of soul and R&B ballads from the past as he performed “Best Of Me”, “Diamond In The Rough”, as well as his new single “Amen”.

Anthony Hamilton recently released his fifth album entitled “What A Feelin”.

Grammy winner and diva extraordinary Fantasia delivered a spectacular live performance at Pier Six. The legendary R&B and hip hop songstress sent shock waves throughout the venue with her powerhouse vocals. Fantasia rhythm and soul stirring performances did not disappoint the sold out crowd in attendance at Pier 6.

fan1As Fantasia begun her show she encouraged her adoring fans to move closer to the stage to feel her true essence. She also encourage the sold out crowd to let lose of any anxiety that may be plaguing anyone in attendance to enjoy the music, relax and get lost in the moment as she performed hit after hit, the likes of  “When I See You”, ” Summertime” “Truth Is”, and many more.

Fantasia gave homage to our dearly departed “Prince” as she performed hit songs by Prince protégés Vanity 6 “Nasty Girl”, and The Times, hit “The Bird”.

Fantasia took us with her as we traveled through her life musical journey of heartache, pain, rebirth and retribution with her stirring heart wrenching vocals as she performed “Lose to Win”, and “No Time For It”, her new single from her fifth album titled “The Definition”, a heart filled song that encourages female empowerment by letting go of the drama and standing strong on your own. Fantasia also surprised the crowd with her own rendition of Tina Turners rock and roll hit “Proud Mary”.

Fantasia raw vocals and humble stage presence felt like a warm cup of hot chocolate with a hint of your favorite liquor, soothing your inhibitions by making you feel all warm and comfy inside. Fantasia is so down to earth, she feels like a real true friend who you can pour you heart out to and she will keep your innermost secrets near and dear close to her heart.

Fantasia continued to enticed the crowd as she danced along the stage and almost put everyone in a frenzy as she teased the crowd with several powerful hip shaking body movements along with beautiful outfits that fit every curve on her body. She truly delighted her adoring fans.

Fantasia eased down her musical journey and slowed down the pace as she commanded the electrified Maryland crowd to settle down and have a seat as she and her background singers took a seat onstage and performed a medley of ballads from previous times.

Fantasia than brought the crowd back to their feet as she went into her heart stomping finale song entitled “Sleeping With The One I Love” Fantasia bravely left the stage, walked down the steps and weaved her way unexpectedly throughout the standing crowd and through the aisles of the Pier Six Venue surprising her fans with an up close in your face performance giving everyone the opportunity to get real close and personal.

Fantasia almost gave one male patron a slight heart quiver as she walked to his seat and sang to him and giving him a high five. Fantasia continued to walk up and down various aisles to show love to all of her adoring fans all the while not missing a beat with her stirring raw vocals.

Nevertheless the show sadly came to an end as Fantasia found her way back to the stage and disappear into the dark of night leaving her audience begging for more. Some faithful fans did not want to leave the venue as they patiently stood in front of the stage hoping for one more glimpse of their fabulous diva.

Fantasia was simply amazing!

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