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The Liddle Speaker, Packing All the Sound You Need for Your Next Golf or Outdoor Adventure

Story By: Erin Zollars

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Tampa, FL–

As we finished up a few events through Florida, we could not forget this little gem of a speaker that has accompanied us on a couple of hikes, a few rounds of golf and it even ended up in a pool during a Sunday gathering… same results, amazing sound from a small magnetic phone speaker.

The name might be a little deceiving, but this speaker packs a punch for $24.99 and could be one of the best magnetic Bluetooth speakers on the market that is primarily for golfers, but we found it highly useful mounted next to an outdoor hot tub.

We tested the sound on a windy day in Florida against the noise of a hot tub and levels were amazing but won’t be enough to disturb the people on the next tee box.

The wireless Liddle Speaker boasts a 360-degree surround sound and features a proprietary bass technology delivering a unique listening experience to users. The portable design features an IPX4 rating, which means it can withstand water splashes from any direction, making it water-resistant and dust-proof for use on the golf course, by the pool, or even on the beach.

The sound does carry a bit more around the water as we tried it next to a pool attached to the back of the new iPhone 15 and it seemed to have a full delivery and the sound wasn’t drown out at the higher bass levels of music.

We found the Liddle Speaker sounds a bit less bass packed with rock music it did with some Hip Hop and R&B deep bass, but if you happen to pair two of these, which you can, all music is going to sound amazing. Keep in mind, two of these may not only be suitable for the driving range. One gets pretty loud in close settings; we will have to report back on two together very soon and get the verdict on that part of the sound. We already know that for $50.00 two of these Liddle Speakers paired together may be the most affordable wireless small speaker on the market.

We also tossed the speaker around a bit to test the durability if you happen to leave it in your golf bag and it held up extremely well with a bunch of keys and balls in the pocket of the bag. Some of the other smaller models have bent and scratched, we are happy to report none of this happened during our week of a ton of moving this speaker around from bag to bag.

So, if you are looking for an affordable on the go sound that is the size of Kiwi, but delivers sound the size of watermelon, this should be the next thing you throw in your golf bag or backpack.

Lowe’s has a special deal on the speaker $19.99, but the speaker is also available on Amazon and other major retailers for $24.99.


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