To Vax or Not Vax? Many NBA Players Keep Quit, Others Stress Personal Reasons Behind Yes or No to the Question

Story By: Sol Tucker

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Washington, D.C–

Today most all of the NBA Camps opened their annual training camps with Media Day… Guess what the most asked questions league wide were on Monday? Are you vaxed? Well, guess like 90’s Hip Hop artist Mystikal says in his latest song remix, we don’t really know if some players are “Vaxxing That Thing Up.”

So, do an of the fans really care at this point, Bradley Beal if you are or are not? Perhaps they do, but regardless if they do or do not, all fans entering Capital One area must complete a health screening of vaccine card or negative test before going to a Wizards game… Wait all of that to see players that aren’t even vaccinated? We all know that you can still get a COVID variant even with the vaccine, but why should your employees “NBA” teams subject paying customers to take the risk? Meanwhile, some players won’t share or just plain out don’t care apparently.

One question remains in limbo, how long do we go in the start of the season before more and more teams either put the pressure on their players to take the shot or have to deal with multiple players out that test positive? So many things and so many teams with different ideas and different agendas.

While Beal was one of the most outspoken on Monday with the media, he perhaps is the target of a lot negativity being the leader of the Wizards team this season after missing the Summer Olympics and personally choosing not to vaccinate himself. He did however mention that a few of his family members had taken the vaccine, including his oldest brother.

Since so many teams have different response rates and each player has a different take on why they have or have not taken the vaccine, the NBA may not be able to mandate for all of its players. While some teams have mandated for all of their employees and staff and contractors alike, their players still have the option. Stay tuned.. no telling when this season will spring a flat on this bumpy road of the 2021-22 season starting in just a few weeks.

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