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Tony Stewart Returns to NASCAR, But Not Before Another Series of Fines

Story By: Richard Thomas

Photos By: Benjamin Rogers Jr.

Richmond, VA–

Tony Stewart Sits in the Garage After a Practice in 2015. File Photo
Tony Stewart Sits in the Garage After a Practice in 2015. File Photo

It’s a big spring race weekend in Richmond upcoming, but nothing bigger hit the circuit this week then NASCAR granting Tony Stewart’s return to his team this weekend. After this off-roading experience that nearly left him for dead, he is back and ready to well… be Tony again. That was clear by NASCAR fining Tony $35,000 for his recent comments regarding new lug nut rule, as NASCAR deemed his comments violated Section 12.8.1 of the rule book, actions that could result in a $10,000-$50,000 fine include disparaging the sport and/or NASCAR’s leadership, or verbal abuse of a NASCAR Official, media members, fans, etc.

For some fans here in Richmond this weekend, they didn’t really seem bothered by his what seem opinions, but what mattered most to them was to see him hit the track again this season.

“Tony gives this sport some color, we all know that Tony has his ways of speaking his mind, this isn’t his first fine, said Walter Martin from Mechanicsville, VA.  “Pretty soon, NASCAR is going to take all of the fun out of the sport and continue to give us fans nothing worth paying to come see anymore.”

So we will see come Sunday what Stewart has to bring to the track. Eight months out of a race car is a long time, but just like those who have come out of retirement to race again, Stewart will likely after a couple of races be able to jump start this team that has just had marginal success this season so far.


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