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Top Products for 2010

If you didnt get what you wanted for the Holidays, Here are some of the products we are going to recommend for 2010

For Home

Simple Human

Usually things like a trash can or bathroom caddies would not make the list, but these were just too good to pass up…

Their finger proof 13 gallon stainless trash can is one hot piece in the household—¦ It looks great, functions quiet and is fingerprint proof if u you have little ones running around the household.   We liked the no smell option it comes with, well that really is the charcoal filter doing its job. Priced to last at $189.99

Another must have is their bamboo shower caddy. Great space saver and it looks like something you might have tried to bring home from the spa at a four star resort. Bottles can be stored upside down for easier dispensing, and storage hooks hold a razor, loofah or other items. A rubberized clamp and pivoting suction cup ensure secure installation.    Great price too at $49.99

For Garden

Design Toscano

This is one that will have the neighbors saying WTF was that poking out of the bushes when you put it in your yard or living room. The Swamp Beast is a crocodile that is authentic as they come, short of biting, this is gonna scare someone this holiday season. Complete with a tissue to wipe the tears from how hard you will be laughing at the response of your friends when you see the look on their face from this three foot beast. A great addition to any garden for $75.00

For the Golf Lover

Caesar Golf

Since we have a big golf following, we thought we could include these… Dimple less Golf Balls… Forget hooks and slices and digging through the woods.   These balls are sure to be that extra edge u need to take home the trophy in your next work tournament. Substitute them for mini pool balls or forget using a club to attach your significant other, these are good to put in the stocking and swing it around on XMAS day if really didn’t get her what she wanted.     A sleeve of three balls $30.00

For the TO Be Seen


All the stars love them and so will you when you step out in style in the Gucci men’s travel collection bags. These GG plus material bags make the perfect weekend even better when you roll into the hotel lobby looking like a million bucks. Throw on a new pair of their frames and you might have some ask you for your autograph. While the $1430 is a bit pricey for most, but this bag is one that will have heads turning in every terminal.   Available at Neiman Marcus and Gucci stores Nationwide and or from

For the Sports Enthusiast

Steiner Sports Dallas Cowboys Texas Stadium Seat Pair—either you love them’ or hate them. Now you can sit in a pair of the authentic seats that were installed on October 24, 1971 and if you ever want to know what it was like to be on the 50 yard line at Texas Stadium here is your chance. $699 available at

For the Computer Geek

You want HD quality for your computer camera; well check out Microsoft’s newest addition to the holiday line-up the Life Cam Cinema Camera, which is one of the best cams that have been released to date. Catch up with loved ones far away or have a little cam fun date if you must, one way or the other, this is the next best thing to touching the real thing.   Available at Best Buy and other major retailers of Microsoft products.

Hate your old key board or just want more freedom, try the new Bluetooth Mobile 6600 keyboard from Microsoft. This keyboard with its ergonomic design is just right and will fit on almost any desk or lap.   If freedom is your key, then this keyboard with comfort curve design offers a separate portable number pad and is a great value at $79

For the World Traveler

Ritz Carlton Spa Packages—whether you travel or not, there is always a day when a massage or facial will come in handy.   The Ritz Carlton has put together some amazing packages at their spas nationwide to include Prada treatment.   Pricing starts at $129. The hot stones will be better than letting you money burn a hole in it. for locations worldwide gucci bag simplehuman 12bluetooth keyboard

Nike Golf STORM-FIT Outerwear

NIKE VR Series Fairway Woods, Unleash the Beast in Your Short Game