Wall vs Ball, What to Make of Lakers vs Wizards Outcome in Overtime and Pre Game Trash Talking

Story By: Erin Zollars

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Washington, D.C–

I must admit between the extra innings of Game 2 of the World Series and checking into the final minutes of the Wizards vs Lakers game, it was hard to see the end result of both, mainly the Wizards game. Extras in the World Series and extras at Staples Center all in one night, who would have imagined fans getting what they paid for and then some at both places.

So why was I so interested in the outcome of the Wizards game? Well enter Lavar Ball into the equation and the trash talking that began with Lavar, the ever mouthy dad talking about his match up with his son against premier point guard John Wall. Yea, it was like that for sure, this early in the season. The result another Wizards missed opportunity in overtime and a lesson learned at the free throw line.

While this game didn’t fall totally in the hands of Wall in overtime, it was a few costly mistakes at the line that may have cost the Wizards this game. The pride of trash talking may have also been lost by Marcin Gortat before the game saying that Wall would own Ball in the game, he just didn’t know it would be the Wizards final dagger of the night. With the Lakers up by three, John Wall had the ball with Lonzo Ball on him. Wall got by him but his final shot missed and this was as close as the Wizards would come in the final few minutes of the game.

Despite all of the trash talking that went on prior to this game, the Wizards continued to show how strong that they can be with the combination of Wall and Beal in the backcourt. Beal was no joke again tonight finishing with 28 points, but it a couple key free throws missed by Beal and company that changed the outcome of this game and allowed for a Lakers team led by Julius Randle, control the final outcome in overtime.

It’s okay Lonzo and former average NBA player Dad, we will see what the next match-up delivers and what the season records are in the second half. After all, no one really cares about the season until after the All Star Break, because then we know teams turn up the heat for the final playoff spot. We are just 5 games into the season Mr. Ball and we hope that it does get better for your son, but just not at the expense of trash talking.


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