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Washington Finally Has a Name for its Arena Football Team, Meet the Washington Valor

Story By: Richard Thomas

Logos Courtesy: Monumental Sports and Entertainment

Washington, D.C–

washington valour logoIt may not have been the glitziest press conference that Monumental Sports and Entertainment has had over the years, but when all eyes are on the new Arena Football team coming to Verizon Center in 2017, it probably needs a name. Today, the became a reality as the team unveiled its new name, the Valor and the colors, red, white and blue with a Eagle poking from the logo.

The team’s alternate logo is a blue “W” with white space that cuts through diagonally to break up the letter in half to emphasize the “V” portion of the letter.

The colors will be red, white, blue and silver. Valor managing partner Roger Mody outlined what each color means to AFL’s newest franchise. The blue “represents strength, trust and fortitude,” red “represents our fire, passion and courage,” white “represents the purity and completeness of our organization,” and silver “illuminates our vision as a way forward.”

Someone said these colors look very “Patriotic” this must be some sort of joke in hopes that the team will take after the winning ways of the New England Patriots, since their colors are very close to the Valor.

“We need to make sure that this identity represents our city,” Richardson said. “We look at the team and the organization itself. What’s their character? What are their values? What’s important to them? And we look at the game. You’ve got the game of football and then in this situation you’ve got the unique aspects brought to it because it’s arena football, which is different.”

Zach Leonsis, Monumental Sports Network’s vice president and general manager, believes the logos “are all really in line with our expectations. It’s fitting for the brand. It’s fitting as a military salute. It’s fitting for football.”

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