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What’s It Like to Be One Game Away from the World Series, Just Ask the Nationals and Their Fans

Story By: Erin Zollars

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Washington, D.C–

So this season started 19-31, Fire Davey, the Nats are dead…. all of that and then some. Well fast forward to October 14th and the Washington Nationals are one game away from their very first trip to the World Series in franchise history.

When you looked around at the sell out crowd around Nationals Park, you could just feel the energy, probably the most in years that fueled Stephen Strasburg’s 12 K night on the mound and eventual 8-1 victory, which moves the Nationals just one game away tomorrow night from a trip to the World Series.

Something about the veterans on this team is much different than in previous years and especially different than when the Nationals were knocked out by the Cards in 2012. Now its “Howie Do you Like That” instead of “Werth It.” Its a new day in D.C and this team is coming for you like no other you have seen before.

No one seems to care that Bryce left town anymore, however there were quite few of those Bryce-less shirts and quite a few taped over jerseys repping Sherzer and a 1 instead of a 4 on the back. They too are ready to see something other than a let down.

At this point, it is highly unlikely that the Nats will self destruct as they did in 2012 or any other year for that matter since they showed up on the scene in 2005. No more could this be our year for fans, it is actually this year 2019. Mark it on your calendar… The Nats and this baseball town are coming for you World Series.

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