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Wizards 0-5 Oh My! Another Loss to the Nuggets 118-92, Equals Worst Start Since 1966-67

Washington, DC–

Oh No is all most Wizards can say after the embarrassment they received at the hands of the Denver Nuggets tonight at Verizon Center. The 118-92 loss is the worst the Wizards franchise has started since the 1966-67 season when they where the Bullets.

So is it time to worry? It might just because the Wizards are not just losing games, they are getting blown out. This is the second game where they have trailed by more than 25 points, with the first being last Friday against the Celtics.

The Wizards were led by Caron Butler’s 21 points and 4 rebounds, but it was again Antawn Jamison who kept the Wizards from avoiding an even worse beating with 17 points and 12 rebounds.

“We have to find a way to get rolling because it’s not rolling right now,” said Jamison. “When you’re out there, you can see it, you feel it. Sunday, it needs to happen.”

Gilbert Arenas who has yet to get things going like he did last season had 18 points on a 5 for 13 shooting effort.The Wizards shot just 38.3 percent as team on the night.

Denver let the Carmelo show take over for the local native with 32 points on a 14 for 24 effort from the field. The Nuggets shot a sizzling 51.1 percent from the field.

After the game Wizards Head Coach Eddie Jordan voiced the sense of urgency but has no reason to give up this early in the season.

“The sense of urgency is certainly upon us,” Jordan said. “The 0-4 situation has happened before and teams have come back, but the 0-5 and the way things happened tonight, that dictates a sense of urgency. It was one of the most disappointing games I’ve been involved in. This team is capable of winning more games than it loses.”

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