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Wizards Pick-Up a Solid Win Over a Lebronless Heat, 114-93

Washington, D.C—

Usually when the Heat come to town, there is a lot boos in the crowd when Lebron James touches the ball and a game that has featured some of the best in basketball, tonight there were no Boo’s and no Lebron either as the Wizards routed the Heat, 114-93.

Miami was led by Michael Beasley with 18 points and Undois Haslem with 8 rebounds. That is about as far as the stat line goes for the Heat.

For the Heat, they had a few decisions to make prior to the game tonight, either play their stars and maybe take the top spot in the Eastern Conference, or just sit the players that matter when it comes to the playoffs or possibly take the top spot, they chose the first option and the Wizards chose to take advantage and not letting up the entire game. After the game, Heat Guard Dwyane Wade was asked about the performance tonight.

“There would be no disappointment,” said Wade, who played because he needed some minutes after his recent nine-game layoff with a hamstring injury. “When the playoffs start, we have a new season and we will be looking forward to it.”

Trevor Ariza scored 25 points to lead the Wizards, who shot 59 percent and made 14 3-pointers and remain one game ahead of the Bobcats in the race for the No. 6 seed. Washington has made it a point to avoid finishing seventh to keep from having to face the Heat in the first round — knowing full well the cast of characters will be different than it was Monday night.

The Wizards’ 36-point lead today topped their 34-point lead against the Heat earlier this season. Their biggest was a 38-point lead over the Heat back in 2011-12 season.

“I knew it was the kinda game where I didn’t really have to score as much, and if I did, I had the opportunity to do that. It was great to get those guys going because some of those guys have been in a slump lately, but to see them get out there with a big game like this. And going into Boston will help a lot, and also going into the playoffs, said Wizards Guard John Wall.

Wall finished the night with just four points, but did have 13 assists.

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