Wizards Start 0-4! Time to Pump the Brakes and See Whats Broken?

Story By: Sol Tucker

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Bradley Beal Seen Here in 2019 Contines to Put Up Amazing Numbers in a 0-4 Start

Washington, D.C–

After seeing difference pieces of the Wizards over the past 22 years that Pointed Magazine has been around this team, there is a sense of frustration from all of us when you see the talent they have assembled this season.

I don’t really want to hear excuses about lack of training camp, not enough pre-season games ( you got worked by the Pistons) and now this 0-4 start. Things need to change. It can’t be the same ole Bradley Beal show if they expect to get anywhere this season.

Everyone is talking about another stellar night on the stat sheet from Russell Westbrook… but what I am talking about is this 0-4 start. It’s the worst since 2012-13 season. They started 0-12 that season and were the laughing stock of the NBA most of the season.

In the post game Wizards Head Coach Scott Brooks was asked about his rotation and not having some players like Mo Wagner or Garrison Matthews in the line-up. He said ” they haven’t made it into the roatation just yet.” What are you wating for Coach Brooks? You are 0-4 with Beal and Westbook on the team. Do I need to repeat myself here, 0-4.

So many people had said its early in the season. Okay, everyone gets early, but you were up by 17 points against the Magic and just got worked by Otto Porter and Garrett Temple. At what point do we stop talking about being early in the season and realize the Wizards are so much better than the Bulls… or are they?

Another thing we have to get used to are these back to back games against the same team in one week on the same floor. Its not uncommon to see the same team in a week, but usaully in different cities. This year each team can now get spanked all in the same building just days apart. This is what has happeend so far with the Wizards.

What needs to be fixed? Well for starters, if they can’t get their 80 million dollar man going, its going to be a long season. Davis Bertans seemed to be doubled and challenged on almost all his shots tonight and it effected his performance for the second straight game. He was 3 for 9 from long range.

Anyway.. 0-4 isn’t the end of the season for the Wizards, but it could be very soon if this team feels like the chemistry is not gelling together. If they get to 0-12 again, its time to pull the plug on Scott Brooks, because its not the teams fault at that point.. Stay tuned.

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