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Wizards to Introduce Draft Pick Troy Brown Jr. What are Wizards Plans?

Story By: Richard Thomas

Photos By: Sol Tucker/ PMG

Washington, D.C–

Tomorrow is the day that media will get their first look at Troy Brown Jr in a Wizards uniform as they will hold a press conference tomorrow afternoon where he likely tell us a little more about his plans prior to Summer League in Vegas, which starts the weekend right after the 4th of July for the Wizards.

After the pick, both Scott Brooks and Wizards General Manager and Team President Ernie Grunfeld were confident this was a guy that could help the Wizards right away. But are their real plans this summer? Do they have some packaging ready to bring in another big name player in free agency? Only will time will tell for now, but the quotes from both Brooks and Grunfeld seem to have this guy in place with what the have already.

“Easy,” Wizards coach Brooks said about the decision. “This is a guy that we’ve been targeting.”

Grunfeld said workout on the Wizards’ practice court was just a piece of the evaluation process. Brown clearly helped his cause. The session included standard basketball drills along with a chance for the mature player to reveal his cerebral side.

“We asked him to draw up a last-second play and he drew up several,” Grunfeld said after Washington’s first draft choice in any round since 2015. “So, he has a good understanding of all those things and he’s a skilled basketball player.”


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Wizards Introduce Draft Pick Troy Brown Jr.