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Wu-Tang Still Something to F With Las Vegas Residency at Virgin Theatre


Wu-Tang Continues to Wow the Crowds 30 years later. This is a Must See Show if you plan on Visiting Vegas in March.

Story By: Sol Tucker

Photos By: Sol Tucker

Las Vegas, NV–

During Super Bowl weekend in Vegas, there is always something to do that is bigger than the next. Bigger parties, bigger concerts, if it’s on Super Bowl weekend, you better come prepared to blow it out.

One group that came prepared to blow it out and always been bigger than the next show and worth a ticket matter if its Super Bowl or a random Friday night in February, is The Wu-Tang Clan. The guys from Staten Island just don’t miss and in fact they haven’t had to many misses in 30 years in the music business.

“Vegas has always served as a hub for art, entertainment and good times,” said Wu-Tang founding
member, RZA. “Wu-Tang is delighted to add our flavor of art and hip-hop into the mix. Virgin + Wu-Tang = Triumph.”

“We are honored to welcome Wu-Tang Clan to The Theater at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas for their historic, first-ever Las Vegas residency,” said Bobby Reynolds, Senior Vice President, AEG Presents Las Vegas. “This is a groundbreaking moment not only for this venue but for Las Vegas as a whole. We look forward to welcoming hip-hop fans from far and wide to experience this group of legendary talents onstage for these exciting shows over two of the biggest weekends in Las Vegas.”

Prior to the discussions of Wu-Tang coming to Vegas, no hip hop groups have had a residency and after the show tonight, there needs to be more of them. In fact, based on how packed the second show was, it would be hard to believe that they would only do just the next two shows on March 22 and 23 during NCAA March Madness weekend.

The nine-piece collective hit the stage just a couple minutes 9:30, first with RZA followed by the rest of the group for “Bring da Ruckus.” Ya’ll ready for the Wu? Yea RZA we were ready as he ripped off his white full faced mask that dates back the early days of the group when they couldn’t be identified for their music.

Each of their songs tonight are classic WU. You couldn’t have a complete night without scooping some “Ice Cream” or stacking that “CREAM.”

Also, this is theatre at the Virgin is a great spot for the Clan as a couple of the shows on the Empire State of Mind Tour the acoustics just didn’t seem that on point. Here the state of art screens and sound system made for a flawless evening.

If you like timeless classics and are going to be in Vegas in March, you too can see why this show is packing the Virgin Hotel and Casino Theatre.


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